Sabretooth Tiger

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Natural Habitat 
Arctic, Plains
Rare 1-8 (1)
Sabre-tooth tigers are huge, dark yellow or dun coloured hunting cats with disproportionate fangs.
These cats have no fear of humanoids. If hungry, they will readily attack a party of adventurers. They are valuable as curiosities, and live cubs fetch 400-500 Silver Pennies each, while mature cats fetch 3 times that amount.
Sabre-tooth tigers have no special talents or abilities and use neither tools nor magic.

Movement Rates : Running: 600

PS: 30-32 MD: 23-25 AG: 18-20 MA: None EN: 20-22 FT: 33-36
WP: 8-10 PC: 21-25 PB: 7-10 TMR: 12 NA: Hide absorbs 5 DP
They may use one bite or two claws in Melee Combat, or one bite and four claws in Close Combat. They will attempt to Close.
Bite: BC 50%, [D + 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Claws: BC 60%, [D + 3], Melee & Close, Rank 1-5.