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Natural Habitat 
Highlands (mountain peaks)
1-2 (1)
Rocs are huge birds with wingspans of up to 250 feet. Except for their size, they much resemble eagles. Their body size is as a four-hex monster.
Rocs often swoop down from their nests to pick up elephants, etc. to take back to their lair and eat. A roc will sometimes attempt to steal a party's cart animals or riding animals, but will rarely carry off the people themselves.
Rocs have no special talents, skills or magic, and are not tool users.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 2000
PS: 200-300 MD: 20-25 AG: 16-20 MA: None EN: 150-200 FT: 250-300
WP: 16-20 PC: 17-21 PB: 3-7 TMR: 40 NA: Feathers absorb 8 DP
Rocs may attack with beak and two talons without penalty. They can engage in Melee Combat from a range of 3 hexes.
Beak: BC 75%, [D + 20], Melee & Close.
Talons: BC 70%, [D + 25], Melee & Close.