Roads, Drains and Sewers

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Lunar Road

<-- Lunar Empire or High Guilds

Roads within the Empire for the most part are dirt, and made for locals, by locals, with local needs in mind. The larger roads, in the style of 'Roman Roads', are the responsibility of the guild. There is no real central planning as such, but demand is the driving force behind road upgrade, with the exceptions of the Great Road.

As odd as it sounds, fresh water has always been an issue for the large cities. Hundreds of thousands are spent each year in 'man days of labour' on gaining better water supplies for the larger cities. These large civil projects often have thousands of people working on them, and, for the last nine years, Lunar City has been building better aqueducts.

The cities on a case by case basis fund civil projects themselves. Every night in Lunar City it rains heavily at 2:00 am, and this has gone some ways to helping the city stay above the sewer line.

Lunar Road