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Natural Habitat 
1-100 (12)
Usually about eight inches long, these animals can be any combination of shades of black, white, or brown. Some larger strains of rats can grow to 18 inches (with corresponding increase in the damage they can do and their Base Chance of biting during Close Combat - see below).
Rats are not tool-users, but they can dig holes and gnaw through substances as hard as sandstone and lead, given enough time. When in combat they tend to head for the eyes and other unprotected areas, so the armour protection Rating of characters defending against rats should be reduced by three or four points. A character has a 10% chance of contracting a disease if they are in contact with rats for any period of time. If a rat bites a character, increase chance of infection by 20.
Rats have no special talents, skills, or magical abilities.
Movement Rates 
Running: 100
PS: 4-6 MD: 15-20 AG: 15-20 MA: None EN: 1-2 FT: 2-3
WP: 8-16 PC: 17-20 PB: 4-8 TMR: 2 NA: None
Rats may bite.

Bite: BC 75%, [D – 7], Close, Rank 0.