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Natural Habitat 
Arctic, Plains, Rural, Woods
1-20 (4)
Rabbits are small wild creatures with large hind legs and pointing ears. They are shy of almost all creatures, most especially man. They live in burrows beneath the ground, and forage for grasses, clover, and any vegetables grown by man, particularly carrots. They vary in colour from brown to gray to white, and can weigh as much as 7 pounds.
Rabbit furs will sell for 5-10 Silver Pennies in most cities. Rabbits provide about 1-2 pounds of meat if prepared properly. They will always attempt to flee from danger of any kind.
Rabbits have no special talents or skills, and they are not tool users. They have no affinity for magic.
Movement Rates 
Running: 450
PS: 1-2 MD: 12-16 AG: 18-24 MA: None EN: 1-2 FT: 2-4
WP: 8-10 PC: 16-20 PB: 4-8 TMR: 9 NA: Fur absorbs 1 DP
Rabbits may bite.
Bite: BC 20%, [D – 7], Close, Rank 0.