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-Played by Chris Ramsay-

Phos Mathin is a 5' 7" 175lb male Orc Binder and Animator of noble birth, with many siblings. He has Dark hair, Grey-Green eyes and Fine ivory like tusks. He is 16 years of age He is an orc of High strength, average agility, and low dexterity. He is Ambidextrous and currently wields two crafted silver maces, and 2 hand axes for close combat.

He speaks slowly but thoughtfully with a deep voice.


My name is Phos! I am a Khan and the 7th Son of the chief of my Clan

it was 5 years ago since we went mass raiding, town to town. farms and tiny villages mostly. then we stumbled upon the clocktower village. it would of been like any other small village, nestled on flat lands close to the mountains were it not for the 15 story clocktower. its base made of hard black slate bricks. it looks like the construction of the town was recent, but well underway with incomplete walls, mounted crossbows not yet assembled, yet the town was prosperous, with an active well made forge, it was right for the plundering.

it was a fierce battle, the villagers were hardy folk who knew war. and from the clocktower, massive stone golems marched and pummeled their way though our giant horde. but for the village they numbered to few, their defenses not yet properly prepared. had we come a week later I feel concern that it would of been a far harder achievement.

me and my fellow brother were the first to make it into the clocktower. while several of the occupants put up a valiant but doomed resistance I stumbled across a workshop. A large doll made of fine cloths and silvered string leaned lifeless against the wall, holding a velvet sling . It intrigued me! I went up to it ready to grab it, my hand out stretched and declared loudly "this is Mine Now!" before I could grab it however the Doll stood up, and it bowed to me. Surprised I stepped back and surveyed the rest of the room. there were a great many books and diagrams scattered around the room. there were several golems still under construction, one similar to the stone golems that had inflicted sever damage to our clan earlier, another, smaller golem, maybe 4" tall forged of bronze plate not far from completion hang from looked like an assembly station, but the golem that was now following me and a big wooden golem, made of many cogs were the most intriguing to me.

coming from somewhere else in this laboratory I was startled by a person coughing. the battle was beginning to die down, but remnants of fighting, specially further up the clock tower, could still be heard. I commanded the Doll to follow me and readied my trusty maces. cautiously I rounded the corner of the workshop. An old man lay in a rocking chair, wheezing, a dark wooden walking stick resting against his chair. he looked up at me, contempt and resignation filled his expression. However as the doll stood up beside me his eyes, first with confusion then widening with surprise. he picked up his walking stick, pointing it at me and said with a hard stare and wise voice "You! you are a binder young Orc."

not understanding what he meant, I pondered, looking back at the doll that was taking my commands. "What's a binder?" I asked. not answering my question, he made a proposition, "spare me, and I will teach you the magics on animating and binding the phsyical constructs of the world around you to your will or need! I will teach you the knowledge of how the world works, teach you how to build constructs like this here clocktower! Kill me and you have one more corpse to dispose of, let me live and you, young orc, will gain the understanding of all the knowledge accumulated in this place you have now taken and claimed."

Contemplating the offer, I met my brothers outside the workshop, not wanting to have the old man killed while I contemplated his offer i declared the workshop and libary "My Spoils!" to which we left the clock tower together. outside it was clear the although we had won, it had been a costly victory. many of the clan had been smashed to pieces by the stone golems, their hard slate bodies chipped and some of their limbs, shattered. the chief called a meeting to discuss and we decided to end the raiding host and take up residence in the area.

it was a good decision for the clan. the nearby mountains had a prosperous mine filled with good iron for forging weapons and several veins of silver. the hard black slate that the clock tower was made of came from a mountainside quarry and made for brilliant building materials. the forge survived the rampage of the raid. A a large forest we had avoided when we approached was filled with trees of strong wood that burned hot. the forest was also was home to large quantities of animals, with large boars and deer been easy hunts.

but for me, the prize I had claimed was the workshop, was probably the most lucrative prize of them all. It housed a library full of books on engineering ideas, of mathematics including the interesting topic of ballistics. I learned to read the common language and the concepts of magic by the old man I kept alive. he showed the basics of mechanics and taught me how to make complex gears and pistons and showed me techniques to carve them from wood. but most importantly he taught me magic and how to apply it to the objects around me, and how to make an golems and improve their capabilities. I studied here for about three years learning many skill. outside of my work in the workshop I also assisted at the forge, making axes and hammers, before eventually using my new found understanding of ballistics, aiding in making improved ranged weaponry (namely crossbows)

however the old man knew he was near death directed me to learn more about the binders trade and learn from far more skilled philosophers' and mechnicians' far from here at a place the Seagate guild of adventures. After informing my farther, the chief, I, the 7th son was ordered to "go gain the skills and knowledge needed to improve dis clocktower and ensure it could be defended beyond all else! So, As commanded I packed up my gear, and set off for the Seagate guild of adventures.