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Natural Habitat 
Plains, Waste
Very Rare
The phoenix appears to be much like an eagle in profile but is three times the size of an eagle. The bird's plumage is partly red and partly gold, and is dazzlingly beautiful. The phoenix is a four-hex monster.
Phoenix are famed for their longevity and their method of reproduction. When an old bird is nearing the end of its days (500 years) it builds a nest at the top of an oak or palm tree, and makes a pile of cinnamon and spikenard in the nest upon which it lays itself down to die. A worm springs out of the body of the dead phoenix, and after the worm has matured, it becomes a phoenix itself. It then bears the parent bird to the Altar of the Sun, where it is consumed in flames.
The phoenix is highly intelligent, although it cannot speak. It does not have any magical abilities. The distinguishing ability of the phoenix is its ability to reproduce itself. Other than that it has no special talents or skills.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 2000
PS: 17-20 MD: 20-24 AG: 17-20 MA: None EN: 18-24 FT: 30-35
WP: 20-23 PC: 16-20 PB: 20-24 TMR: 40 NA: Feathers absorb 6 DP
Phoenix can use their beak and two talons without penalty.
Beak: BC 60%, [D + 8], Close, Rank 0.
Talons: BC 65%, [D + 6], Close, Rank 0.