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Visible Value

All of Pent’s armour and weapons look very expensive and well maintained, the flasiest jewlery worn openly he has is his golden belt clasp in the shape of a lion, most of the rest of expensive stuff is secured under his armour. He does carry a significant purse.

The Trained eye or D.A would realise that the weapons / armour would easily top 100,000 silvers worth (or your life should they try to take it)

Everyday - .

He wears a smart set of Black Drow Commanders armour with a "shiny enough to be a mirror" breastplate over the top. A Black Cloak on his back completes the military like uniform. In his right hand he carries a long spear with a wicked blade which almost looks like a short Naginata. If he desires he can wear a coolie hat that droops so low as to cover his face.

In civilisation most of the weapons will be wrapped and hidden.

Also on his clothes belt is a golden clasp and a pouch as well as loops to hold healing potions. He has three rings on each hand usually covered by gloves and bracelets on his arms. Also under his black armour is a necklace of an hourglass and numerous amulets.

Combat Ready -

When Pent gets out all his weapons and wears them he adds: Left hand side of his weapons belt is a war hammer, right hand side a pick. Also on his belt is a Main gauche, a pair of daggers and a wand. Under his left armpit is a brace of throwing darts and a pair of throwing discs under his right arm. On his back a quiver with a javelin, and on the side of his backpack a blunderbuss.

Social Occasion - .

He is quite happy to leave all his gear behind, perhaps only wearing a couple of rings, his belt and necklace.

Party Roles


Pent is on a Journey to personal betterment. He seeks to improve himself through hard work, training and personal challenges. Much of the last few years have been spent in Kinlu and he has developed a personal approach to spiritualism rather than one related to the Powers.

Everyone is a possible friend and treated as such until they act otherwise or there is evidence otherwise. He is not judgemental or racist in any way and regards it to be possible that anyone is good.

If not he tends to kill them. You see Pent is basically a friendly psychopath, he loves combat and fighting, mainly as a challenge and a way to test himself, it is just that people tend to die because of it. But that’s ok as he has established usually that they are bad people by then so killing them is ok. He likes to help people - especially disadvantaged or down trodden so is always glad to rescue people. As long as they are good people. He is confident in his own abilities and willing to take anything on, however he is cunning and clever in combat. This belief has lead to the defeat of a demon, godling and three dragons in the last 2 years.


See the world, make new friends, help the weak (if they are friends). Become a better and unique warrior. Make the world a better place (usually by killing non-friends)

Friends and Allies

Everyone. Cept those who are not.

Are Mostly dead

Gods and Powers

He has little respect for organised religion, gods or demons and tends to treat them all like he would all powerful beings (like dragons, titans etc) as he believes any spiritual aspect comes from within not imposed by others. He would never pact but believes it is a personal choice. These beings (as well as lords, royalty etc) are approached with polite, friendly, irreverence in an familiaral approach. He is not awed by anyone generally and is not one for protocols.

Common (8)
Hobbit (8)
Erelheine (6)
Silent Tongue (5)

Main Skills
Warrior (9)
Kinjutsu (8)
Thief (6)
Assassin (5)

Non-Standard Skills
Can combine Combat skills and use without restrictions on any weapon.
Quick Hands (can multi strike low agl opponents with any weapon)
Passing attack (may attack with a pass action)
Iris and the Bough (feint then next syrike does +50% damage)

Main Spells
Ice Bolt (20)
Weapon of Ice (20)
Freeze Blood (17)
Purification (19)

Non-Standard magic
Celerity (Time magics)
Mind Shield-
Passive Detections and protections
  • Witchsight

Other Stuff of Note
To be advised...

see Pents abilities and items document.