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Natural Habitat 
Rural, Woods
1-6 (1)
Owls can be of several types, but in general they are between one and two feet in length. Colouring varies, but brown feathers speckled with grey is a common coloration. Owls' eyes are both on the front of the head, unlike most birds, and they tend to have large, dark rings around the eyes.
Owls are primarily nocturnal predators, hunting small mammals as well as birds. They are said to understand human speech and to be friendly to man, often providing travellers with valuable information.
Owls see well in the dark and have excellent hearing. They have no magical abilities, skills or talents and are not tool users. They have incredible stealth and can glide without sound.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 600
PS: 3-4 MD: 18-20 AG: 22-24 MA: None EN: 3-4 FT: 5-7
WP: 7-9 PC: 20-22 PB: 9-11 TMR: 12 NA: Feathers absorb 1 DP
Owls may attack with beak and two talons without penalty.
Beak: BC 55%, [D – 6], Close.
Talons: BC 50%, [D – 7], Close.