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A small coastal village in north east of the Duchy of Brandenburg in the County of County of Cumbria.


A small valley area leading to the west inland up into the hill region which has a working iron ore mine. It is a backwater as the main road is inland over a divide of hills. The area is so poor the Count doesnt even expect tax from the area.

In the area are:

Odessa Village & Locale area:

Odessa Village:
Small poor coastal village which Lord Sairuk and Lady Malphia are looking after it. The village has become poor since the Michaelites built a Church inland. The village has some 75 families. The roads to the north and south have Orcs on them which has effectively stopped merchants because of raiding.

A hamlet half way up the river valley's dirt road. 10 families live here. A small guard of Michaelines was stationed there.

The Michaeline Church & Village:
A village of some 60 families. The Church is well liked and supported by the local people. The Church was built on a high mana area. It was ruined in a Goblin/Orc raid in late 805. It seems that 20 Michaelines died in the raids.

The Iron mine:
Recently the mine has opened again due to the fact that the port is now open.
Trade from the mine goes to Erewhon in return for food.

Road from Odessa:
The road South of Odessa is poorly used and not maintained at all. It is hard to travel along at best. Orcs, said to number around 30, are said to live close to the road/path. The road leaving Odessa to the north is no better. The dirt path, which is boggy in parts, runs 20 miles north to Clyster Village. The road/path is unused and unsafe because of Orc raids. The only road of any worth is the dirt road that runs inland up the river valley to the west and into Goblin Country.


805 - A Guild party builds a breakwater to protect the habour, and open up trade again.

805 - Goblins and Orcs kill Michaelines.

804 - Heavy storms start eating away at coastal farms.

800 - Michaelines stomp out locale Wicca driving them underground. The Michaeline Church blessed all the fields and removed the wicca blessings. The crops failed.

799 - Odessa becomes poor with no trade.

798 - End to the open worship of the Day of the Dead - 'Death festival'

797 - Around 797 a guild party was working for the Church to bring a central pole to the area. The pole was used to make up the spine of the new Church inland at a high mana area. At around this time the reef protecting the habour of Odessa was washed away. The exposed port stopped trading.

730 - Locals and the north farmers are fully settled and peaceful. Village is well-off, and farming is good. Some large family homes built around this time, as is the manor house.

686 - Area settled by farmers from up north and work in with local Wicca.

655 - Area came under the control of the Count of Cumbria.

Adventures in this area

805 Small_Mistakes - Party investigates problems and fixes it.
797 Large Mistake - The Church and Party makes a reef problem.