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Natural Habitat 
Coastal, Wetlands
Very Rare
1-6 (1)
Nagas are humanoid above the waist, and have the body of a serpent below. Male nagas have the upper half of a man, while female nagas have the upper half of a woman. Both types will usually be 10-12 feet long.
Nagas are often the guardians and keepers of knowledge. They seek to preserve powerful knowledge from the use of those who would not use it properly, and at the same time they try to deliver it to those who could best use it for the cause of good. This knowledge might be magical in nature, or of some other type. Nagas will use force to defend the knowledge that they guard (which will usually be in the form of a written tome) but will warn intruders beforehand, and allow them a chance to get away.
Nagas are frequently (85%) members of one of the Colleges of Thaumaturgies. If a naga is a magic-user, it will have Rank 2-8 with each of the General Knowledge spells, talents, and rituals, and will have Rank 1-5 with those Special Knowledge spells and rituals that they know (usually 5-10 will be known). Nagas can also read the minds of any that they can see, understanding both the thoughts and intentions of the subject. This talent cannot be resisted.
Movement Rates 
Swimming: 400; Crawling: 300
PS: 20-25 MD: 17-21 AG: 12-16 MA: 16-20 EN: 25-32 FT: 20-25
WP: 20-24 PC: 19-23 PB: 13-17 TMR: 8/6 NA: Scales absorb 5 DP
Naga may use edged weapons at Rank 4-6, their poisonous bite, constrict, or spit poison. The constriction attack has the same special ability as a garotte. The spit attack is a Throw action. Poison occurs after effective damage from the bite attack. Only an antidote specifically designed for naga venom will neutralise the poison.
Constrict: BC 40%, [D + 8], Close, Rank 0.
Bite: BC 55%, [D + 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Poison: 2 DP per pulse for D10 pulses.
Spit: BC 30%, [D + 4], Ranged, Rank 0.