Nadin's Revenge

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a.k.a How Naden lost his head.

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Turf (Scribe, party leader)
Naden (Military scientist)


Baccarat request the help of Naden and Turf to attack a mountain fortress of the Blood Ogres to rescue captured nomads. They rescue the captured prisoners and damage the fortress, but Naden is decapitated during the attack.

1st Thaw

Returning to castle Erewhon I discover a trump card Baccarat awaiting him, it contains a message from Baccarat requesting our presence for an urgent mission – minions of the Blood Lord are rounding up the nomads and taking them as slaves. I reply assuming we will attend immediately and the card disappears. Having repacked my adventuring equipment I begin my journey back to Seagate.

Some hours later I arriving at the Guild I am presented with a message, an abrasive person with blue crystal armour is awaiting me at a local pub the ‘Sword and Shield’. I recruit Naden, an upstanding guild member and we head to the meeting where we met Metastopheles, who is in human form wearing Blue armour. He is abrasive as always and explains the Orge are leading orcs to raid the nomadic camps and taking away prisoners, Baccarat request our aid to disrupt the attacks. We also learn he is weak in his dragon form as the Church of Shahdad have caused him to age into a new generation. There are three dragons in their group and two of them; Metastopheles, and another were rejuvenated to allow them to refocus their area of power. It is unfortunate the third dragon was rejuvenate too much and is now an unreliable juvenile so is not involved in the intrigues. As Metastopheles will accompany us we spend two days at Seagate practicing combat while Naden creates a potion.

3rd Thaw

We use the tree portal to travel to the Mazarathin and arrive just before dawn, we make our way to the residence of Orthostopheles, he explains Baccarat and Delerium are in the city, but cannot be seen to associate with Orthostopheles. Following a short discussion Orthostopheles enchants us and we meet our allies in the market place then depart to the city.

Outside the city Baccarat explains that details of the attacks on the nomads, he could not communicate Turf so some weeks (due to his presence on Delph) and we now need to attack the ogres as they approach their fortification. Delirium creates a maze to take near the ogres base, some hundreds of miles away.

Its much hotter where we appear that it was in the city, and the sun is higher in the sky. From our high vantage point a few miles away we observe a large fortified gate in the side of a mountain. Nomads are being pushed through large fortified gates by a large band of ogres. We cannot reach the nomads before they are inside the fortification so we decide to follow them in – Delirium enchants us to look like orcs, however Metastopheles cannot receive any magic so he will act as our prisoner.

We approach the gate and talk our way in, there are orcs and goblins missing about inside the gate and little else, this appears to be a fortification to the tunnel leading into the mountain. The entrance to the tunnel is covered my an opaque shimmering wall and we are scryed as we pass thought.

The tunnel is exceptionally deep, and we travel for some time before we encounter a marching band of orcs with the prisoners. I push my way through the ranks as Nadin prepares an agony they we decimate the ranks of orcs and they are almost all killed when three Blood Ogre arrive, having heard the commotion. Wielding blood weapons the ogres attack, the weapons corrupt whoever they strike as well as creating a bond that continues to drain the opponent. The ogres create intangible ribbons of blood linking them to the prisoners and wear blood bone armour.

A long fight ensures and we spend much time severing the blood links to prevent the prisoner from being hurt, the bone armour absorbs significant amounts of damage and explodes when at capacity. Two ogres lie dead and we are overwhelming the third when it strikes a lucky blow decapitating Naden. We strike down the last Orge and decide to evacuate. Turf casts multiple forbiddance walls and races back to destroy any orc resistance at the gate while Metastopheles follows behind with Naden's body and the prisoners.

We meet with Delirium and Baccarat and discuss Nadens small problem. Delirium, a master of The Form, reattaches Nadens head then she departs with Baccarat to fetch Orthostopheles while I summon Callas. A few hours later Naden is resurrected, re-enchanted and ready for revenge.

Delirium provides us the forms of ogres and we bully our way back into the mountain fortress. We spend almost 30 minutes work our way though the tunnel until we arrive at a steel door. We talk our way though and find ourselves into a barracks room. We order the orcs to retrieve their dead companions bodies (previously slain by us) and seal the door behind them and slay the blood ogre. Searching the no empty barracks we find a terrified human chained to the wall in a secret room.

We follow the tunnel out of the barrack and it eventually opens out into an enormous eight storied tall cavern with walkways ringing the cavern on every level. On the group floor a single blood ogre and orcs are inspecting humans, throwing some of them in the pit and others into cells. We make our way over and they become suspicious so we launch an attack charging the Blood Ogre and pushing him into the pit. The pit contains enormous writhing worms that are feasting on bodies. We begin dispatching the Orcs and to our surprise the Blood ogre is riding a worm up the side of the hole. A blood fight begins and we are taxed by the worms, some of them over a hundred feet long spraying acid that would kill a normal human – this are the dreaded blood worms. Eventually we Blood Ogre and trap the worms.

As we dispatch the remaining orcs a shadowy figure on the walkway, a sun elf, that begins casting Necrosis on us. I windwalk up to engage him, but he has escaped. Finding an alchemical chamber I stop, ordering the goblins out and begin taking samples. Finding a large mound of boom bags I decide this would be the perfect thing to kill the blood worms so pick up an armful, but trip….

Naden and Metastopheles pause and look up upon hearing a large explosion. A cloud of flame erupts from a room on the third level and the entire cavern shakes, the sound reverberates around the cavern and many of the walkways are damaged. I silently thank my powerful magic and enchantments as I pull myself of the ground and windwalk down to the ground floor and we all decide our cover is now definitely blown so it is time to depart with the rescued prisoners.

We dispatch any orcs and goblins on our way out and reach Baccarat at al. who arranges the prisoners to be taken returned to their tribes.

Blood weapon
  • when struck they (1) corrupt the target and (2) create a blood bone that drains the target and heals the wielder.
Blood armour
  • absorbs significant damage, more than enough to kill five normal people. Can have an armour spell cast on them as

well the the wearer.

Blood worms
  • minions of the Blood Lord. Some few hundred feet long and can spit acid strong enough to kill a normal person, the longer the worm the more potent the acid.

4th Thaw

Having let the rescued tribe member sleep overnight we discuss with them their ordeal and learn there was much talk of 'The Apothecary' which we deduce is the main laboratory of the Blood Lord. We decide to further explore the underground lair, discuss the two entrances; high mountain Orge fortress and goblin tunnels near Longmeadow. Its agreed we strike at Longmeadow.

Callus escorts the rescued prisoners to their desert camps while Delerium mazes us to Longmeadow. We arrive at the Portal forest and surprise the hobbit guards as their drinking tea and eating sticky buns. Following the sticky treats we are taken to the Bartholomew and dwarven guards guarding the tunnels and explain our intentions to enter. A number of goblins emerged a few weeks ago, but fortunately there is no other activity.

Delerium changes our form to goblins and we spend the next five hours climbing through rough crumbling tunnels to emerge at the edge of a small lake in a large moss covered cavern. Making our way across the lake we find the cavern is populated by huddled goblin families, numbering about one hundred, hiding is old dwarfish works. Following some confusion we discover they fled the Ogre overlords when an attack too place a few days ago (that was us) and are looking for a safe way out. Two goblins Scrotus and Sacky agree to escort us deeper into the tunnels to an alchemical lab if we kill a few orcs and allow them to loot it.

Some hours later we pass though Grimey, a goblin town, and arrive at Slimesville, a short distance away. A large cavern with a lake at the center containing orcs pushing around goblins harvesting slime. We talk our way into the workshop overpower the ocs alchemist and guards. The dozens of goblins slave workers loot the lab and await us to lead them to freedom.

Having talked to the recently liberated goblins we learn the Bloodworms are breed in the Grand Central (where we fought a few days ago?) and this is close to 'The Apothecary'. We are convinced the best way to escape is though the large doors in Grimey, through which an exit to the mountain can by found. I head off some minutes ahead of Naden with some explosives and make my way to the gates. The orcs guard are suspicious as I approach and attack me when I fail to follow their orders, so I throw them at the gate and slay the attackers following a small fight. Naden has set out with the goblins charging though the caverns slaying any orcs they encounter and collecting more goblins on the way. The alchemist has agreed to join us, Naden poisoning him and holding on to the antidote being the main reason.

Naden and his band arrived as I was battling the orcs in the adjacent barracks. It was unusual fighting in the form of a goblin and wearing their tatty leather armour. The remaining guard were overwhelmed as the goblins blew the gates properly and everyone scuttled down the tunnel and eventually emerged on the hillside. The tunnel was blown to prevent pursuers reaching us and we summoned Baccarat et al to discuss the next steps.

Following some discussion we obtain significant information from the goblins about the workings inside the orc fortress. We rest for some time until the sun disappears and the goblins start descending the mountain, they intend to head to the swamps. Callas is summoned to recast magics and assist the goblins descent the mountain with the aid of her elemental. Ceratiz agree to stay with us and provide his understanding of the Blood Lords potions in exchange for money and safety.

Callas returns to take Naden, Scrotus and myself near the entrance of Crushbone, the orc city, in the northern mountain entrance. The city is ruled by the Blood Lord and there are Blood Ogres present. As we approach the gate we observe a trade party departing, we learn it is later lead by the human Rodriguez and he is accompanied by Blood Ogres and orcs.

We talk our way through the gate and the gate commander sends us to talk to Nash, an Ogre commander. But their suspicions are aroused and a fight begins. Our opponents are slain and we windwalk ourselves past the assembled defenses into the city proper. The city is alive as hundreds of orcs are preparing for battle, we release some slave goblin and talk our way into the command building.

We slay additional Orcs and find a blood minion. Our urgency increases as we come under constant attack by mental attack. We find a Sun elf blood minion that begins casting necrosis, and when obscured casts though telepathy, all very worrying. After a close fight and we slay the Sun elf, however its spirit departs the body – but through great cunning we force it to follow us. The remaining orcs, having seeing the Blood Ogres and Sun elf defeated, agree to join our side.

With promise of a better life the orcs lead ourselves and rescued goblins out of the city. We await three days on the mountain as we make preparations. The orcs depart to Sachen Ironfist and we trap the spirit. We decide to ensure the spirit passes on, otherwise it will possess its prepared body and return to life. If we take the spirit to the Sun Elves it will be known by all what happened to the spirit, so we meet Gorkara Kyzlbil the previous king, and he sends the spirit to Latherin the Lifegiver to ensure it moves on. Before it departs we quests it and discover • his name • his city • Location of coffins x2 • names of high ranks blood agents x2 • name of secret organisation

The Great Pit: Where 'The Great Worm' lives. 3,000 ft below Grant Central. Crushbone: ogre city, entrance in mountain top in northern part of range. Grimy: underground goblins city. Slimesville: underground goblins city. Grand Central: Underground goblin city in the south.

Ceratiz: Orc alchemist and ally. Scrotus; goblin allies Rodregiz: human trader supplying ogres

Loot: Orc alchemist • Amulet carbuncle, luck • some Potions • damage, paralysis, slow poison, weakness, WoHealing R14 • dagger • some antidotes

Orc guards near gate • scroll shadowform • scroll spectral weapon • potion x3