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Natural Habitat 
Crypts, Ruins
Very Rare
Mummies are undead beings whose life-force has been sustained through elaborate magical rituals performed by the being while still alive. Mummies generally do not immediately become active after their death, instead requiring the passage of great amounts of time (for more details, see Comments, below). When they do finally activate, mummies emerge from their deathly sleep in a state of near mindlessness. However, their condition improves with time, eventually becoming fully aware and sentient by the tenth year of their undead existence. Mummies generally appear to be zombies, though beings that can detect magic will be able to clearly and easily distinguish them quickly. They smell like rotting flesh, and generally attract the attention of flies.
Mummies are the by-product of magical structures, rather than any sort of curse or ritual. In order for a mummy to be created, the corpse of an Adept must be interred into a suitable structure. A suitable structure are those structures that can absorb and focus the ambient mana of the world and environment, such as pyramids, ziggurats, specially prepared crypts (usually involving obelisks or other mana-gathering monuments such as standing stones), or any other structure of internment that the GM deems suitable. The corpse to be transformed is placed in a location that allows them to receive the unique magical focusing efforts of the tomb, where it rests for several decades (or longer). At a certain point, a critical amount of absorbed mana is reached, whereupon the corpse re-animates, becoming a mummy. Note that only adepts can become mummies, though once activated they will not regain their magical capabilities for some time.
These creatures may use any and all human skills, talents, and magic that they knew in their mortal life, though they cannot access these abilities until they achieve some degree of sentience. In general, they will be at least Rank 10 with whatever College of Magic they studied while alive. They can use weapons, wear armor and carry shields just as they did when they were alive. Their touch is frighteningly chilled, and any character that comes into contact with a mummy suffers D+1 damage. This damage is never absorbed by normal armour.
Movement Rates 
Running 150
PS: 30-40 MD: 10-12 AG: 6-10 MA: 20-30 EN: 28-35 FT: 30-40
WP: 25-30 PC: 20-30 PB: 1-2 TMR: 4 NA: None
Mummies are treated as humans for all purposes in combat, except that they cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons. In addition, the touch of a Mummy causes D+1 damage, which cannot be absorbed by mundane armour.