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Natural Habitat
Jungle, Woods
1-3 (20)
Monkeys are the smallest of the apes, ranging is size from 6 inches to as much as 2 feet in height and weighing up to 25 pounds. They have small round faces, grey or brown fur, and are generally playful and curious creatures. Monkeys use both their hands and feet to move, climb, and run. They are also quite intelligent, and can be trained to perform many tasks and tricks for entertainment (or other) purposes. Monkeys are generally vegetarian, although they do eat small insects and rodents from time to time.
Monkeys can be valuable as pets, and therefore an adult monkey captured will sell for as much as 200 Silver Pennies. A domesticated or trained monkey will sell for three times this amount.
Monkeys have no special skills or magical abilities. However, they are apt climbers, and can use their tails as a “fifth” hand, for climbing, holding, grabbing, etc.
Movement Rates
Running: 250; Climbing: 350
PS: 3-8 MD: 18-26 AG: 20-28 MA: None EN: 4-8 FT: 10-15
WP: 10-12 PC: 17-23 PB: 7-12 TMR: 5/7 NA: Fur absorbs 1 DP
Monkeys will only attack if they are completely cornered. Even when they are involved in combat, they will simply look for the first chance they have of escaping and fleeing. They will bite if pressed.
Bite: BC 55%, [D – 5], Close, Rank 0.