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A world of pure spirit commonly known as the Mirror World due to it frequently reflecting the real world its inhabitants have come from. Most scholars would prefer the more accurate designation as one of the Worlds of Fëar.

Shaped as they are by their bond to their hröa, most mortals will find their existence and interactions within the Mirror World to appear normal.

Most entities take a long time to adapt to their lack of hröa and may struggle to use the skills and abilities of their existence in Arda (mortal realms). Affinity and acclimatisation during subsequent visits usually becomes faster and easier but it is not a steady progression, each visit could be easier or harder than the last. Some methods of transition into the Mirror World are easier than others.

Ëalar who visit the Mirror World are not limited in such ways and may manifest god-like influence upon the apparent worlds.


Fëa may experience death within the Mirror World and this is a temporary thing (no EN loss), they will usually re-form within a day. However, such experiences are traumatic and over time may impact their sanity.

Psychic damage starts to apply if deaths within the same season exceed 1 per 5 full points of the higher of MA or WP. [TRUNC(MAX(MA,WP) / 5)]

Returning to their hröa for a time can somewhat ease their trauma.

Or on death, they may choose to return to their hröa or move on to another existence.

The Mirrors of Fëar

The Mirrors are artefacts of the Ancient Elven Empire that many believe to pre-date the empire.

The mirrors separate the fëa (spirit) from the hröa (body), transporting it to the Mirror World.

The mirrors will maintain and allow return to the hröa for up to three months, the connection usually being broken by the changing of the seasons.

Mirror of Alfheim

Mirror World of Alfheim

A recent (since 800wk) investigation of the old settlements on Terranova uncovered one of these mirrors and it seems that many of the citizens of the Empire migrated into the Mirror World when things on Alusia became uncomfortable (fall of the old empire) and have been there ever since.

Perhaps some of them did not intend a permanent residence but the destruction of the homes and bodies rendered that moot.

The Mirror World of the Elves is well established and has several very stable enclaves created by like-minded factions. Apart from similarities in Elven style and architecture, it does not resemble current Alfheim nor the old Empire though it may have once.

Differences that may not be solved through social discourse shall be solved by duel to the death. A matter thus resolved may not be raised again by the same parties.

Regions and Factions

Harmonious Residence

Harmonious Architecture of Fëar Architecture influences those who live within it and in Mirror this is reflected. We seek harmonious form and function within and without.

The arrival point of the mirror in the archives is within their palace, a safe place with peaceful people. Anyone fractious, emotional, confused, or restless is asked to move on.

Silent Forest

Hush to Hear the Music of Fëar Fëar resonate with the chords of creation, only in silence can we listen for truth.

Vast woods west of the Harmonious Residence, sound is dampened within. Silence is golden. Communication by expression and gesture is preferred, mind speech is briefly tolerated. Better to hush…

Martial Keep

Martial Discipline of Fëar Martial disciplines bring Fëa and Hröa into alignment, true unity bring enlightenment.

Vast keep east of the Harmonious Residence sits between the artists and the craftsmen. Warriors one and all, usually honourable and rule bound, guardians, protectors and sometimes questors. They enforce the Rule of Duel.

Artist's Residences

Perfect Craft binds Fëar to Arda A master of craft puts of themselves into their creations, physical materials are of Arda, a perfect crafting shall bind the Fëar to the craft and return it to Arda.

Exceptional craftsmen who are never satisfied with their works, always striving to do better until their craft shall return them to Arda and perhaps to hröa. Many of them are interested in gathering new materials with unique history.

Craft Towns

Perfect Artistry enriches Fëar Masters of art express themselves in their creations, reflecting on the external provides insight to the internal and thus is the cycle of ascension.

Exceptional artists (and art critics) who are always seeking to perfect themselves through their art. The artists sometimes travel seeking inspiration.

Aspiring Tower

Aspiring Tower of Intellect The next existence is one of purist mind and thought independent of soul and body.

Their ivory tower is impossibly tall, it is said to pierce the heavens. Ascending requires knowledge and understanding.

Caverns of Alchemy

Caverns of Alchemy and Artificing The mirrors were formed from fundamental essence of creation, this can be replicated and manipulated.

A vast mountain riddled with caverns, workshops, labs, pools of toxic substances, and volcanism.

Unifying Order

Unifying Order of Existence Perfection of existence comes from adherence to a structure of order and unity.

A regimented city of nearly identical buildings in perfect rows and columns that seem to go on forever. The home of bureaucrats, archivists, specialist philosophers and would-be governors.

The Farms

One with Arda Working the earth and plants will reconnect Fëa to Arda leading to the rebirth of Hröa.

Crofts, fields, groves, shrubberies, gardens and herds that extend a long way north and east. Farmers, gardeners and herbalists.

Joyful Forest

Hedonistic Acceptance Life is to be lived with joy and appreciation by those who accept this purity of existence.

A forest filled with secluded glades and grottos. Members of the faction live in the moment, finding or creating joy in every moment of existence. Narcotics, sex, gluttony, etc.

Soulful Towers

The Hunger Perfection of mind and fëa must be achieved at any cost.

Fëa vampires, they can devour other Fëa. Generally considered mad and evil but honourable in their own way. They say they are interested in trying to overcome the irrational prejudices of the food other factions.

Lands of Chaos

Chaos is Creation Chaos is the driving force of creation, it must be cultivated and grown to bring back that which has been lost.

The Lands of Chaos are in flux, they are encouraged to change and grow, easily manipulated by the skilled and strong willed.

Vale of Delusions

Where the other factions send the delusional insane.

This is a place of complete madness, no apparent purpose, no reason, and some of it is infectious.

The Darkness

A vale of darkness, where the senses are muted and eventually eliminated.