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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Coastal, Woods
Very Rare
1-6 (1)
Minotaurs are humanoid, with the head of a bull and a very hairy hide. They have a tail, just like that of a bull.
Minotaurs are particularly vicious, and will attack virtually anything that their dim intelligence tells them they have even a mediocre chance of beating. These beasts generally like the dark, and will only rarely be found in the open after sun-up.
The minotaur has no special magical abilities or talents. They are tool users and will sometimes use simple weapons.
Movement Rates 
Running: 300
PS: 22-26 MD: 18-20 AG: 14-17 MA: None EN: 14-16 FT: 22-25
WP: 14-16 PC: 18-20 PB: 4-7 TMR: 6 NA: Hide absorbs 6 DP
A minotaur can attack by butting with their horns, biting, or attacking with a weapon, or any two of these attacks without penalty. It will have Rank 1-5 with its weapons. It uses its Bite in Melee at -20%.
Butt: BC 40%, [D + 3], Melee, Rank 0.
Bite: BC 50%, [D – 1], Melee & Close, Rank 0.