Manta Ray

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Natural Habitat 
1-100 (15)
Manta rays are large, flat ocean creatures. Their bellies are white, while the top is dark blue. They are triangular in shape, and reach sizes more than 20 feet across, weighing up to 3000 pounds. The eyes are set forward in front of the body on two foot long protuberances, between which rests the mouth. They have a long, very thin tail.
Manta rays possess no special talents, skills or magic.
Movement Rates 
Swimming: 200
PS: 35-40 MD: None AG: 13-15 MA: None EN: 16-19 FT: 24-28
WP: 10-12 PC: 12-14 PB: 5-8 TMR: 4 NA: Skin absorbs 4 DP
Manta rays can deliver killing blows with their massive fins, crushing the ribcages of swimmers, and breaking in the sides of boats.
Fin: BC 65%, [D + 14], Melee, Rank 0.