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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Malakim (also known as Virtues) appear as mighty humanoids, with the height and build of hill giants. They are however extremely good-looking, and appear more like giant-sized elven and human men and women, with immense feathered wings. Malakim radiate a dazzling inner light, and glow strongly in all lighting. They may choose to conceal their wings, shrink to 6 foot or so, and reduce their glow. They may appear armoured for war, or wearing short robes (well tailored and cut to reveal their powerful bodies). Their armour or clothes will tend to be in the colour of their Archangel. Malakim usually appear armed with a giant bow, a giant spear, and a large sword and shield. They may use these even when human size.
Malakim are greater minions of the Elohim.
Malakim of Uriel and Sammael are almost all Mages. Some of Raphael's and Gabriel's malakim are Mages, but those of Michael are not. Malakim Mages are almost all Thaumaturges, though Elementalists serving Sammael are known. They will have Ranks 12-15 with all magics of their College. All have 1 or 2 skills at Rank 10; these skills vary depending on their calling. Non-mage malakim will have the Warrior skill at Rank 10. The presence of a malakim may cause Awe.
Movement Rates
Run: 450; Fly: 500
PS: 35-45 MD: 18-25 AG: 20-26 MA: 5-30 EN: 30-40 FT: 45-50
WP: 24-30 PC: 25-30 PB: 27-28 TMR: 9/10 NA: 3 DP aura +10 Plate
Malakim usually have giant bow, giant spear, and 1 sword and shield at maximum ranks, and Warrior malakim will know a large number of other weapons. They may choose to appear in well-crafted plate armour of some lightweight material, and carrying weapons of their choice. These weapons will be finely crafted and have bonuses to BC and/or damage. When malakim enter combat they become surrounded by a Rank 20 Coruscate.