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Lydian is a very beautiful Halfling of exceedingly small stature (2’ 5”) with pale skin, grey eyes and cherry-brown hair. She is is the third-born to a high wealthy Master estate of farming with two older sisters of a potentially distant land. There she enjoyed watching a tending to the bees and growing a floral garden on the estate. Lydian came to Seagate from said distant land by boat after been knocked out by orcs and ‘given’ to a ‘people transport ship.’ while upon that ship she earned a good standing with its crew for solving crisis with a taker of the food cabins been overrun with killer bees. She learnt a great deal from the crew where she was taught various weapon skills (daggers, Main Gouche and slings) skills for dealing with ‘misbehaving transported people (Saps and whips and tinkering on shackles). She also learnt basics in navigation, theft, rope-making and strong swimming skills along with a number of languages from both the crew, ‘transported people,’ and those who ‘arranged passage.’ It was during this time that she gained a very healthy understanding for the power that information had, and the unlikely places it could come from. After several month aboard, she was dropped off in Freeport where she met a local witch her saw “great power within her shadow,” and taught her in the arts of shadow celestial magics. From there she made her way to Seagate to join the adventures guild in hopes of gaining the skills to and knowledge to eventually return to her estate (and mark it on the MAP.)

Gone is her light-hearted nature from her days at her estate, as a result of her time aboard the “people transport ship” she has come to a grim reality and shows a state of indifference to the suffering of other’s. She has little regard for expensive tastes and is not concerned with the obsession of food her fellow halflings have. however she does have a weak spot for jewelry.

In the coming future she wishes to become a master in acquiring and selling information (including the tools to acquire or impersonate it) and own a full equipped ocean Ship (which she wants to call “The Informant”).


Items of note

  • Dagger of Life-stealing -- a masterfully crafted dagger of enchanted black bone, (10SC, 2+damage). On endurance blow or better, drains +2 endurance to the wielder.
  • Dagger of Fear -- a masterfully crafted dagger of enchanted White bone, (10SC, 2+damage). On endurance blow or better, inflicts fear on victim
  • Whip of Torment -- is whip is well-constructed, the handle made of ebony, and the leather from the tail of a minor denizen of Hell. (10, 2+ damage). if the target of this whip becomes entangled they suffer Similar effects to a rank 10 torment spell from the college of rune magics.
  • Socially-acceptable Silk Dress -- (6ft protection, removes rare hexes) the dress has the ability to resize itself based on its owner, and will change its appearance based on the wearers needs and social environment. the dress is not sentient but appears to have a personality disorder that prefers itself in a clean state. the wearer will be aware when it is uncomfortable with its cleanliness.