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Natural Habitat 
Highlands, Jungle, Plains, Waste, Woods
Rare 1-4 (1)
Leopards usually appear as butter-coloured cats with 5 black spots. Some leopards, however, have shiny black coats and are called black panthers. In either case, they usually weigh 130-180 pounds. They hunt during both day and night, though they will usually be encountered at night.
Leopards haunt game trails near rivers and streams (they sometimes eat fish). They are stealthier than most other felines and will seldom be seen except when they attack. The fur of adult leopards is worth 200-300 Silver Pennies.
Leopards have no special skills or talents and are neither tool nor magic users. They do have the ability to climb trees and move between branches with ease and will follow prey into the upper branches of trees if necessary.
Movement Rates 
Running: 400; Climbing: 200
PS: 22-26 MD: 24-30 AG: 28-32 MA: None EN: 15-18 FT: 20-25
WP: 6-8 PC: 18-23 PB: 7-10 TMR: 8/4 NA: Fur absorbs 2 DP
Leopards may use one bite or two claws in Melee Combat, or one bite and four claws in Close Combat. Leopards will attempt to Close.
Bite: BC 30%, [D – 2], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Claws: BC 30%, [D – 3], Melee & Close, Rank 1-3.