Lath's Island

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Lath Island
Julia McSpadden
Summer 806wk from 1st Meadow to 30th Meadow
Lath: Party Leader & Employer
Shoka: Military Scientist & Scribe
Pierre: Cook
Hammer: Mr Boney
Ithilmor: Party Dancer & Moral officer
Naden: Party Navigator
Dunlan: Mr Fix it
Lath pays 5,000sp each to help her find an Island for herself.
Time on adventure
27 days
Laths island in the Islands of Adventure
Cash loot
All members 27,500sp except Lath who gets 25,000sp and Shoka who gets 30,200sp.

The Journal of Shoka Blacktooth

Duesday 1 Meadow 806

The Guild Meeting was atrocious. They'd honoured 'Easy-Lay' for accidentally sticking a pin in some necromancer. All the prospective employers looked like blouses ... except for the Lunar Inquisition ... however I have a few matters I need to clear up before I get near enough for them to DA me again. There was however "free beer!"

I bump into Lath (always a pleasure when she isn't wearing armour - so I bump into her again). She has some mad scheme (most of Lath's schemes are mad - but that's half the fun) about finding an island for herself, and has arranged to meet Hammer and Ithilmor in Adjepbar. I tell her it sounds like a hoot, and she offers me 5000sp to come along and help (very handy as I am out of funds).

Lath thinks we need a water mage, so we sneak up on Pierre, sap him one, load him onto the cloud, and scarper to Sea Goddess Haven.

( ... more to write - guild security, adventuring agreement, head of air college, sorceress in silver, sam etc. ... )

W'ansday 2 Meadow 806

Meet up with Hammer and Ithilmor in Adjepbar in the Five Sisters. Lath buys a junk, surprisingly in quite good nick. It seems to have previously been used for shipping orange juice.

Hammer and Ithilmor stay to guard our new ship, while Lath takes me into town to talk to sailors (I think she is missing Sam).

On our way back to the ship we come across Naden & Dunlan in a drunken stupor (them moreso than us). This is most fortuitous as we are light on crew and neither Hammer nor Ithilmor would know the difference between scuttlebutt and side boys.

Th'rsday 3 Meadow 806

Sail SSE.

Frysday 4 Meadow 806

See some islands.

Shrieking Eels.



Reapsday 5 Meadow 806

Sail West

Note: Remander of scribe notes lost over the side at this point.