King Cobra

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Natural Habitat 
Plains, Waste
1-8 (1)
Growing to 20 feet, the king cobra is the largest of all poisonous snakes. It is usually dark brown in colour, With a collapsible hood behind its head with a sort of horseshoe marking on its back. The king cobra is the mortal enemy of the mongoose.
Cobras possess no talents, skills or magic.
Movement Rates 
Crawling: 200
PS: 20-25 MD: None AG: 15-18 MA: None EN: 12-14 FT: 15-20
WP: 14-18 PC: 12-17 PB: 4 TMR: 7-9 NA: None
The king cobra may bite. Poison occurs after effective damage.
Bite: BC 75%, [D + 4] penetration only, Close, Rank 0.
Poison: 2 DP per pulse.