Jewel and Surgeo

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Jewel and Surgeo
GM: Phil Judd
Session: Summer 807
Night: Wednesday
Level: Low


Peter Smith (GM Info), A Paladin of Uriel played by Mandos - Mil Sci & Scribe

  1. Lyric a young Dwarven Enchantress played by Michelle
  2. Daisy played by Clare
  3. Serra Angelus played by Michael Scott
  4. Tage played by Mathew
  5. Jazmyn played by Jo Drum
  6. Melisande played by Erin Judd - Party Leader

A unknown person who sent a parcel to the Guild.
A number of items have been delivered to the guild in a parcel.
  1. a Large Diamond and a Large Pearl - valued at 30,000 sp between them.
  2. 7 Coach tickets from the Seagate Friendly Coach company.
  3. 2 Notes as detailed below:
"Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Meranda, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal source of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers may take their life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents' strife?
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, with their children's end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic by our stage;
The which if you with patient fears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend."

"A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head:
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished:
For futures tale threatens more woe
Of this for Jewel and her Surgeo"
Probably the jewels mentioned above.


There are four realms with equal armies and equal lands. They represent the four elements and their peoples are all elementals. The daughter of the Earth Elementals and the Son of the Water Elementals are in love. The son was banished for retributive murder and the daughter has disappeared after apparently faking her death. We are to find the two lovers and return them so they can get married.

What happened

We make a start

With the grace of The Lady upon us we set out to set right injustice and to return these young loves to a state of matrimony within the confines of their loving families. While my fellow companions appear to be keener than most to seek the depravity of liquor and casual fornication they seem up to the task at hand.

We travel by coach for a short way before meeting up with a gentleman who provides us with some background to the problem. We speak to him for around an hour gaining as much information as possible before we are magically transported to another world. While I accept that Magic is the only way to travel between worlds it is still a sad state of affairs that people take the use of power in this way so casually. To seek off-world assistance rather than relying on honest toil and local help is a sure sign of weak moral character.

We arrive upon the new world in a stone hexagram and note a large rough stone palace. Two 'diplomatic embassies' are set on either side, one a small waterfall and the other a burned patch of ground similar to the remains of a bonfire.

We are escorted inside and are advised that open and blunt conversation is the best way to proceed with our questions, although I am sure that did not extend to the sorts of questions put forth by Jazmyn which were of a reproductive nature.

We spoke with both the King of this realm and Sergio's father who is the local ambassador for the water people.

What we discovered

The realm is divided into four equal area's that are constantly at war. They are populated by creatures of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and perpetual war exists between the opposing pairs. The unopposed factions ally and war with each other in a seemingly never ending exchange of small amounts of land with there being no real winners and losers. Death appears from the conversation to be uncommon, but this has yet to be substantiated.

The creatures of each realm can sense within their own element but questioning revealed that the borders between lands limit this sense. So residing on the border of the lands and being anywhere from 10ft underground to 10 feet in the air is very difficult to sense.

The missing people

Sergio was with his cousin during his exile and the last anyone knew he was heading back to the capital for reasons unknown.

Jewel's death was faked and she has not been seen since.

Places to investigate

We reveal three locations that we deem interesting

He is a human living 50 miles from the Earth Capital and may be a good source of cultural information.
A Human town
There is a town near the centre of the lands where other races live. This is considered neutral and is a likely location for information regarding the couple.
Lands to the South west.

This is where Sergio is exiled to and the most likely source of those unkeen on an alliance between jewel and Sergio.

The journey continues

It appears that some of the group are unprepared for 'adventuring' and embarrassingly request assistance from our employers. They receive some food and sleeping accoutrements and we set off heading towards Robert who lives in a large and sprawling tree-house near the Earthen border with Fire.

We arrive with Robert and confirm much of what we had learned with the King.

Leaving Roberts early in the morning we make our way to Humsville. A pleasant journey of 5 days following first a river that flows near to Roberts tree-house and then the coast. The only scenery of note is a volcanic island, indicated as being a neutral area for all parties on the map we recieved.


Humsville is a peaceful town with only two rules.

  • No Murder or breaching of the Peace.
  • No Magic at all without permission and dire need.

We settle into the only Inn in town and the other set to with drinking and debauchery. We happen upon an honest Smith who instructs us more on the nature of the place and invites us to his smithy on the morrow.

The next day we speak with the smith who offers weapons that assist against the elemental folk. Most of the party are keen to purchase such and there is much debate on how such could be afforded.

After tiring of the negotiations we head to the borders of the town to allow the mages to further indenture their souls and perform arcane acts upon items in our possession.

Finishing the arcane works and erasing the marks we head once more into town where the group sets about revealing to all and sundry that we have few skills and less money, thus revealing us to be worthy of negative attentions.

We speak with the alchemist who is able to provide us with substantial information regarding the potion bottle. It appears he brewed the potion that put the fair Jewel to sleep with something he called a Petit Mort. The potion was ordered and collected by Eris a local trader and merchant to the Elemental peoples. He is due to return in a weeks time and so we resolve to meet with him.

Onward to the Mount

We then set sail a across the bay to the Volcanic Isle that is apparently a neutral zone. We spend some time discussion the ship, it's running and it's voyages with a friendly crewman. He also tells us a bit more about the shipping runs for Eris which provide this ship with much revenue.

Despite the unfortunate and frequent complaints from those in the group who are scared of water we eventually make the shore of the isle only to be ambushed by three Water-folk who do not stop to discuss the situation and instead attack the group. They are quickly sent fleeing and we continue the ascension of the mount.

Upon reaching our goal, we meet with Swillet, the local diplomat who details the land and it's people, allowing us further insight into this land and it's peoples.

We speak with a number of messengers who all confirm that neither of the missing people are on the island, and we get to meet people of the fire and air realms who are most interesting.

After some discussion at length we retire from the isle and after further discussions with the crew of 'The Flying Mary' we disembark once again in Humsville.

Humsville Redux

Tiring of the chase we elect to learn more of the environment by blending with the locals and we find either gainful employment or aimless amusement depending on our moral rectitude.

The religious instruction within the town is taken by a fine gentleman who due to the eclectic nature of his flock has a fine liberal viewpoint and provides excellent discussion on the various religions.

The Smith is an excellent salesman and after a few minutes discussion he had most of the group agreeing to purchase one of his fine weapons with many people risking the life of a debtor by borrowing to afford them. A number of the group work in the Smithy both for the benefits hard honest toil brings to the soul and to assist in the purchase of the weapons.

After a week the trader who procured the commission for the potion arrives in town and we resume the hunt. With the party morality swaying in the balance, justice prevails and we opt for a plan of direct honesty in dealing with the Trader. This approach proves a success and Eris agrees to swap his knowledge of events for our knowledge, a fair and equitable trade. We discover only that the family that purchased the potion include both the Kings Butler and Jewel's Chambermaid and we suspect the family is behind these events.


We reflect on the possible courses available to us and we find we have possibilities in 5 directions.

  1. West - We could join Eris and visit the Water Kings Court
  2. North-west - A number of swamplands and rivers exist on the coast and may provide the best location for Jewel and Sergio assuming they are hiding.
  3. South-west - More potential locations for the pair hiding and also the lands where Sergio was exiled.
  4. South East - A river leads to a location between fire and air that might be very difficult for the pair to be detected.
  5. North East - The family who is connected with the disappearance has lands on the border along with the 'Butts' another family with much to gain from the disappearance of Jewel.

We conclude that the Water Kings court is unlikely to provide any clues and that the South East is possibly too dangerous we elect for the South-west.

With 'The Flying Mary' engaged by Eris we agree to hire the services of a local fisherman and his small boat despite the complaints from those who have irrational fears.

We sail for a number of days down the coast speaking with elementals we run into and generally investigating the area but to no avail.

After spending a short period talking to Sergio's Uncle we return to Humvil.

Upon returning from the high seas we return to Humvil with a Storm under way since just before we left which we suspect may be magical in origin and the timing leads us to suspect it may be designed to stop us from further investigation. Further cogitation leads us to suspect that we are being stopped from investigating the coast line and that we cannot trust those who have helped us. Concluding that we must mislead those around us, those with more flexible moral positions let it be known that we are heading inland to visit Robert. Instead we head along the coast with the intention of scouting out two swamps and an island and arrange to meet the fisherman near the first river delta a few days down the coast.

Arriving at the river delta we were camped out when we were attacked by magical means and sent back to Alusia. From there we returned to the guild and investigated what had occurred to us and to find out about the items we had collected. During this we ascertained that the items given to us by the King are in fact insidious mind controlling magic items. I pass mine to the less moral to look after. Finding a stone that allows communication across the worlds we return to the transport circle and as the sun goes directly above us we are transported back to the world.

Let the Morally Justified Torture Commence

Once there the rest of the group use the magic items to destroy the free will of the kings butler and subjugate him to hundreds of questions. Moral they appear to feel this is just on the basis that they did not torture him.

After the perceived success of this tactic the others decided that this was to be the foundation of their continuing plans and set off to perform the same evil acts upon the maid to Jewel.

We are somewhat derailed from the path of Evil by discovering some fire creatures in the process of harming innocents at the location we expect to find the maid. Despite our keenness to resolve the issue without resorting to violence we were force to defend ourselves to the detriment of the fire creatures.

Once defeated we discovered the maid captured and imprisoned within the basement.

On the successful completion of the rescue the party questioned the young earth creature and found out a goodly amount of information and gave us some directions in which to explore further. Unfortunately the good moral tone of the party dipped once more and they resorted to the magical torture and mental rape of the young creature. This questioning apparently revealed specific information leading to the whereabouts of Jewel. Whereabouts which were on our path anyway thus proving the pointlessness of unnecessary cruelty.

Back to the Boats

We return the Humvil and the fisherman with only a minor side-trip to threaten and insult some guards who were protecting innocent townsfolk from injuring themselves in the smouldering remains of Peri's alchemist shop. While we suspect foul play it is not our role to investigate and the imminent arrival of a new storm front encourages the group onwards to our goal.

Setting off by boat we head up the north western coast to where we have been informed Jewel resides. We are tracked along the way by an avian creature and a cloud bank that stays in place despite the winds.

Realising we are a stalking horse we continue to press on assuming our target will be able to look after themselves with our assistance.

We finally arrive at a promontory with some form of structure beneath it. Its presence is given away by four chimneys. We eventually discover entrances on the face of the cliffs and proceed inside.

Inside we find a large area that contains all four elements, with a large pond, and braziers as well as the Earth and Air.

We discover Jewel, who initially pretended to be someone else but was unmasked by direct questioning.

Shortly after confirming the two lovers were indeed in residence we are attacked by the creatures of the Air we had expected. Fortunately we were ready for them and moved quickly to block one of the main entrances and splitting their forces. While some injuries were sustained we were victorious and with honour let the defeated foe flee rather than succumbing to baser natures that wished to slay them all.

A resolution

With our heart saddened by the necessity of violence we travel back to the Earth Lords domain to return his daughter to him. Sergio makes his own way via the oceans. With our reward at the guild we plan to return, but not before those with greed in the heart try to extort, demand and expect further payment for achieving out goals.

At the noon on the solstice we return to Alusia, richer for the experience and the gems that await us at the guild.



  • Sural – Mayor – Is a namer.
  • Perri – Alchemist – Alcoholic
  • Swillet – Elemental diplomat
  • Galvan – Dwarven Smith Master ranked, can make weapons that hits elementals.
  • Territ – Gate Guard
  • Bob – First mate of the The Flying Mary
  • Tomlinson – Captain of the Flying Mary
  • Eris – Local Merchant
  • Dutch – Sailor on the The Flying Mary
  • Piair – Recorder
  • Jeremy – Fisherman
  • Ternfith – Goblin Fisherman
  • Gaspar – Segio’s Batman
  • Tibault – Sergio Victim
  • Curlicu – Sergio Cousin

Party Details

Watch Order

        	M	D	W	T	F	S	S
Sera    	A	B	O	C	D	O	O
Lyric    	O	A	B	O	C	D	O
Daisy    	O	O	A	B	O	C	D
Jasmine    	D	O	O	A	B	O	C
Tajh       	C	D	O	O	A	B	O
Peter Smith	O	C	D	O	O	A	B
Melisande  	B	O	C	D	O	O	A

Assuming 9 hours of camp. A and B cover first 4.5 hours of watch, C and D cover the latter half. The others get a full nights sleep.

Possible award nominations

Jasmyn - Bravest - Jasmyn has a known fear of the water and is unable to swim, she is also a mage rather than a fighter. However she flew out alone over the water to combat a creature much tougher than she was in order to delay it allowing the party to group.