Iron Dragon

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Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Caverns)
Very Rare
Iron dragons are dark, metallic dragons with flecks of reddish-brown along their scales.
Iron dragons are reclusive left to their own devices. They are fiercely loyal once they have found someone they trust. They are not murderous as most dragons are but neither do they see much value in a single mortal life.
General abilities for dragons, as noted above. Often they cannot cast spells, but their Magic Resistance is increased by the value of their Natural Armour, a function of their iron scales, no doubt. Anyone casting at an Iron Dragon adds 10 to their die roll.
Aside from their Natural Armour, they have 30 points of armour versus spells and reduce the damage of blows directly to EN by 16.
Although iron dragons can fly, they are clumsy at it. While their movement rate is quite high, their inability to manoeuvre well leads them to avoid flying in combat unless essential.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 750;Running: 250
PS: 250-300 MD: 18-20 AG: 16-18 MA: 25-30 EN: 10-90 FT: 110-140
WP: 30-35 PC: 21-30 PB: 2-4 TMR: 17/6 NA: Top scales absorb 20 DP
At Range, an iron dragon may use its transfixing gaze or fear.
They may breathe a cone of coruscation which extends 15 ft from their maw. However, they can swing their head in an arc sufficient to cover 8 contiguous hexes of their front facing. This inflicts D+5 damage to all who are caught within the area, but anyone wearing metal armour suffers 3 D10 + 15. This damage may not be resisted. Neither is it fiery in nature. Anyone under the effects of a Light Resistance spell can avoid 1 + 1 per 4 Ranks of this damage, however.
It may attack up to four opponents on its flank who are within 7 hexes by slashing its bladed wing at them. This attack can deliver B Class Specific Grievous Injuries.
In Melee, an iron dragon can attack with two claws, a bite and a tail swipe without penalty. In Close, a dragon may roll on all opponents in its hexes.
If an iron dragon occupies more than twice as many hexes as their opponent, and their PS is 100 or more greater, then they may tear limbs and heads off instead of inflicting damage. This requires the use of two of their normal attacks.
Breath: BC auto, [D + 5], Extended, Melee & Close.
Bite: BC 70%, [D + 10], Melee & Close, Rank 10.
Claw: BC 50%, [D + 4], Melee & Close, Rank 10.
Wing: BC 50%, [3D + 12], Extended & Melee, Rank 8.
Tail: BC 60%, [D + 2], Melee Rear, Rank 8. Trip.
Roll: BC 80%, [D + 14], Close, Rank 8.