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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Imps appear as three to four foot high humanoids, but with horns, bat's wings and barbed tails. They tend to be muscular, but pot-bellied. Their skin may be blue, green, or purple, but is usually red. They have yellow eyes, flecked with silver and their teeth (including prominent incisors) are made of silver. Imps may also appear as goats, spiders, bats or large rats, but these are insubstantial forms. The imp cannot use their powers in this plane except in their natural and substantial form.
Imps are dangerous servants in that they have a cruel sense of humour that they are not averse to visiting upon their master and friends. They may not be bound or forced to speak true, so there is no way to really control their actions. They will lie, steal, sow dissension, or play practical jokes (magical or non-magical) on average once per day. They will not knowingly get their master killed or maimed but are otherwise not overly considerate of the master's well being. They will use their powers on the master's behalf when it is demanded of them (though even here their sense of humour may have an effect) and will fight the master's enemies. Imps may be called upon as needed and then returned to their own dimension. Given their warped personalities, the wise master will keep them in their own dimension as much as possible. Imps have a 7% Base Chance of knowing past, present and future events, but will seldom speak truthfully of what they know.
Imps may be members of any Colleges of Magic except the Entities as determined by the GM. Imps can only be harmed by silvered weapons or magic. Cold iron does not affect them. They have no skills. They have Rank 5 with all magic of their college.
Movement Rates
Running: 350; Flying: 500
PS: 15-20 MD: 13-17 AG: 16-22 MA: 22-26 EN: 14-16 FT: 22-28
WP: 28-32 PC: 16-25 PB: 3-5 TMR: 7-10 NA: 3 DP
Imps usually attack with both their horn and poisonous tail. Poison from their tail occurs after effective damage. Imps may use other weapons, but may not wear armour.
Horn: BC 20%, [D – 1], Close, Rank 1-10.
Tail: BC 30%, [D], Melee & Close, Rank 1-9.
Poison: 2-4 DP per pulse.