Ice Elemental

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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Ice elementals appear as lean crystalline humanoids with frosty hair and silvery blue eyes. They are half as tall, in feet, as their Endurance.
All ice elementals have a Rank, usually that of their summoners rank in the summoning ritual.
Ice elementals can disappear into ice with only a 10% chance of being detected.
They can freeze water within line of sight at a rate of PS cubic feet per pulse (entities within the area get a 3 × AG check to avoid being caught and trapped while ice forms around them).
They can cast Ice Construction and Wall of Ice at their Rank + 4. These are talents and cost no fatigue.
They may expend 2 fatigue to fire an Ice Bolt (as per the Spell) at their Rank. Since this is a physical attack formed from the ice elemental, the Ice Bolt remains after firing.
Movement Rates
Running: 200 + 10 / Rank
PS: 20 (+5/Rk) MD: 20-25 AG: 15-20 MA: None EN: 5-50 FT: 10-85
WP: 14-18 PC: 15-20 PB: 8-10 TMR: 4 + (Adept's Rank/5) NA: 5 DP
Ice elementals can attack twice, stabbing with their long icy fingers without penalty, or they can use one of their above abilities instead. All attacks are A-class.
Fingers: BC 50%, [D + 3 (+ 1 / Rank)], Melee & Close.
Ice Bolt: BC 15% (+ 6 / Rank), [D + 4 (+ 1 / Rank)], Ranged.