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Natural Habitat 
1-500 (30)
Hobgoblins are particularly large and vicious creatures of basically the same strain as goblins. They have the same fangs and pointed ears as goblins, but they grow to larger than man sized, almost 7 feet. They are also usually equipped with better armour (chain mail being the mean) as they are very strong and can more easily carry its weight. Their skin is more hairy than goblins', although it is the same brown to greyish colour.
Hobgoblins are organised into clans, which are highly competitive with each other and with their relatives, the goblins and orcs. The strongest member of the group heads the clan, and fights for leader of the clan are common. Hobgoblins are often hired to lead bands of goblins and orcs, as their strength and size ensures that discipline will be maintained.
Hobgoblins have goblins' stone-working ability and their ability to see in the dark, but they do not dislike sunlight, and often go out in the day on raiding parties. They have the same magical abilities as goblins.
Movement Rates 
Running: 250
PS: 17-21 MD: 14-16 AG: 13-15 MA: 12-20 EN: 14-16 FT: 20-23
WP: 10-12 PC: 14-16 PB: 6-9 TMR: 5 NA: Hide absorbs 2 DP
Hobgoblins use all weapons, and will usually use the largest weapon their strength allows. They like whips and spears with long, barbed points that break off in the wound. Hobgoblins rarely use bows, although they will use slings and javelins. Hobgoblins will have Ranks 3-5 with their favoured weapons.