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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
1-10 (5)
Hellhounds have the outward appearance of a Dire Wolf with reddish-brown fur and bright red eyes.
Hellhounds are usually brought to this plane by a demon to guard some treasure although they are occasionally released to wander the world and cause misery as they may. Hellhounds are highly evil. They love to kill and maim, burn crops, and ruin buildings.
Hellhounds will have some ability in either the College of Illusions or of the Sorceries of the Mind.
Movement Rates
Running: 450
PS: 14-16 MD: 18-21 AG: 19-22 MA: 12-20 EN: 10-11 FT: 20-22
WP: 17-19 PC: 25-30 PB: 4-6 TMR: 9 NA: Fur absorbs 6 DP
Hellhounds may bite. They may breathe a cone of fire 20 feet long by 10 feet wide as a Fire action. They may only make one attack.
Bite: BC 65%, [D + 6], Close, Rank 0.
Breath: BC auto, [D + 8], Ranged, Melee & Close.