Healers, Births and Namers

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<-- Lunar Empire or High Guilds

Children, Births and Names
Blessing of children is common in the provinces by wicca, and has the problem of more demand than supply within the larger cities of Lunar and Cognitum, and is very profitable. The more skilled members of the Guild tend to work in the larger cities for a larger fee. Powerful families will pay a lot for the blessing of children and the guild is happy to help.

Healing the sick
Healing the sick within the Empire is not a right. In the larger cities of Lunar and Cognitum if you can not pay for the service then it doesn't happen. Only when it is something that will affect others, does the guild heal for free, but only if the family can not pay.

Less than a hundred of the guild can raise/heal the dead, but many more can slow the effects of aging and help keep people in good health. Of the skilled guild members that can heal the dead, they again normally reside in the larger cities unless on an assignment for a influential family that can pay for house calls out of the major cities.