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Natural Habitat 
Coastal, Highlands, Waste, Wetlands
1-20 (6)
Harpies are vulture-like birds with the upper bodies of women. They have long claws, and pale, thin faces. They make a tremendous amount of noise flying, and have a horrible smell.
Harpies can speak, but have limited magical abilities and no special skills or talents. They are occasionally prophetic, although they will only speak a prophecy if it is evil and they wish to torment the listener.
Movement Rates 
Running: 50; Flying: 500
PS: 14-20 MD: 22-26 AG: 26-30 MA: 13-17 EN: 8-10 FT: 14-19
WP: 17-20 PC: 10-16 PB: 2-6 TMR: 1/10 NA: Feathers absorb 7 DP
Unless cornered, harpies do not fight man. They may use two talons or any weapons they may have, which will usually not be ranked.
Talons: BC 70%, [D + 5], Melee & Close, Rank 0.