Guild Meeting September 2006

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DQ Guild Meeting 10th September 2006

Venue: Western Springs Garden Community Hall.

12:30 GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.
Full Adventures 4, Signed up characters: 24, Level: M, MH, Ex, M

Voting Issues

Guild Council membership
I would like to get the last post for Guild Council membership filled.
New guild council members need to be ex-adventure.
I would like to offer these two candidates:

This has been cleared with Trevor Grey, but not with Fiona (yet). Nor Brent
--Jono Bean 12:30, 31 Aug 2006 (NZST)

Corel was unanimously apointed to the guild council.

Lack of GMs and GM Awards

A shortage of GMs was discussed. There are lots of reasons, many are due to the aging population of the guild and increase in work and family commitments. An increase in the GMing award was mooted as a way of recognising and thanking those that do put the effort in.

The current rule is that GMs who GM instead of playing in a session receive 7,500xp to spend on one of their characters.

Proposal: GMs who GM instead of playing receive 10,000xp to spend on one of their characters. And GMs who GM and play receive 5,000xp to spend on one of their characters.

Approved!  Vote 11/0/0
This comes into effect from the Spring 806 session onwards.

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

A report was given by Ben, and then removed from everyones minds and the notes burned to maintain secrecy...

General Business

Click here for talk on this subject.

  • Star of Alusia Candidates

Nikola for saving her party when fighting the Kraken of Horrors, in the Lunar Games. - GM: Jono

After discussion the nomination was withdrawn.

1:00 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up

Full Adventures 4, Signed up characters: 24, Level: M, MH, Ex, M

Keith: When we get back, there will be something mediumish happening at our place. Starting a few weeks after the Guild meeting, Tuesdays.


  • Smartest
    • Nominations
      • Eric, going from dwarf-size to giant-size to close with the Spider Queen, enabling the rest of the party of avoid being trampled, 6 votes.
      • Mortimer Disguising Cher (the Saurime) as someone dressed in a Saurime disguise to avoid trouble, 17.
      • No Vote, 2.
    • Winner: Mortimer.
  • Bravest
    • Nominations
      • Basalic, Going into the Lunar Games Arena for his second time, with 2 points of armour, 6.
      • TeHe, Continuing to attack the eye of the Kraken of Horrors despite it causing the destruction of his mind and possible loss of his soul, 20.
      • No Vote, 3
    • Winner: Tehe.
  • Stupidest
    • Nominations
      • Boulder, Striking into close and killing Tehe, 2.
      • Dramus, Eating poisoned Binapple, understating his arachnophobia, destroying the forest of the Spider Queen, 21.
      • No Vote, 3
    • Winner: Dramus
  • Best Death
    • Nominations
      • TeHe, Charging into the arena, doing one lap before getting crushed under a wall, trampled by the crowd, trampelled and then burned by an exploding troll., 5
      • Human, Be-handed, be-footed, and defaced for the effrontery of killing one of the attacking assassins, 4
      • Lisette: Cut down by a golem, 4 Phantasms, 3 Spectral Warriors, and sundry other attacks, mutilated for a few pulses more while still alive under Trollskin, then killed by the party removing her trollskin item so they could escape with her, 19.
      • No Vote, 3
    • Winner: Lisette
  • Star of Alusia (Rarely)
    • No Nomination put to the full meeting

General Business

  • Guild Tax holiday of the next three months for Guild Members, because of winnings by the guild at the Lunar Games.
  • Next Meeting is at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall. I will try to book this Hall (Western Springs) for all of next years meetings as it is a comfortable size and has better acoustics than most.
  • Any other business.

3:00 Hall Closes