Guild Meeting September 2005

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DQ Guild Meeting 11th September 2005

Venue: Grey Lynn Library Hall. Map of Grey Lynn

1 pm GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Voting Issues

NB If approved these come into play with the next printing of the rulebook.

  1. Accept the new proposed Spy (ver 2.33) into the rules.
  2. Accept the new proposed Thief (ver 2.05) into the rules. Thief 2.05
  3. Purchasing addtional subskills at less than Rank 10.

Other items from the Proposed Rule Changes page. See the page for details on these changes.

The following clarifications are for addition to the rules.

  1. Shadow Form / Coruscade (G-4) - Clarification
  2. Material Components and Binder/Illusionist Permanency Rituals - Clarification

These rituals, as they appear in the rulebook (V1.5), do NOT allow no cost short duration permanency to be cast. Perhaps this was this voted on at another time, if so what is this a clarification of? Otherwise I would suggest the proposed new version of the ritual is a rule change, not a clarification.

  1. Ranking: Contiguous Training Time - Clarification

The following are for acceptance into playtest.

  1. Sap Rules - Change to way that Sap is used to knock people out
  2. Pole Arms - Additional rules for polearms
  3. Chain Weapons - Additional benefits for chain weapons

General Business

  • Star of Alusia Candidates

1:15 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

  • This would seem an ideal time for a DC update
    • Where is it currently?
    • Warnings for people heading out, etc.

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up

GM - Level - M/Tu/W/Th - Title/Precis/Employer
  1. Noel - Bunny-Low - Any (probably being held at Gordons place) - Doing good deeds in Cazala employer Jessica Laudfoot (Guild Resurrector)

  2. Jon McSpadden - Excessive - TBA - (Full see Engalton Aim: Havoc in the Dark Circle)

  3. Ian Wood - High - ? - TBA

  4. Ben Tabener - Low / Med - ? - TBA

  5. Keith Smith - Low / Med - ? - TBA

  6. William Dymock - Med + - ? - TBA

  7. Jeff Leddra - Med/High - ? - Party employed by a Weapon of Mass Destruction...

  8. Helen Saggers - high - ? - Drums Quest / Drum wants some help / Drum the Giant.

  9. Lisa Rose - ? - ? - full.


  • Smartest
    1. Clementine for come to the circus!

  • Bravest

  • Stupidest

  • Best Death
    1. Ben died by being dragon flamed by Clementine when on two endurance.
    2. Father Broc sucked dry by Wraiths.
    3. Cob Killed while weakening a Mummy so that another party member could finish it off.
    4. Peter Smith took significant damage rescuing a fellow party member then was overwhelmed while assisting weakening a mummy.

  • Star of Alusia (Rarely)

General business

1. Ptolemy, blind shadowmage and SGA member, currently ambassador for the SGA to the Tac Guild of Adventurers, requests most humbly in writing that the guild please forgive him, return him from most terrible exile amongst the Tacese, and grow his eyes back. (SGA security notes that according to our files Ptolemy is a 'wicked little piece of human vermin and is not to be trusted'.)

2. Welcome back Sabrina from her time away.

3. Anyone willing to assist a extreme level group heading into the Dark Circle for Rashaks head. Assistance can take many forms such as: Loaning items/selling invested/casting those special spells/helpful advice.

3:30 Hall Closes