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Natural Habitat 
Highlands, Plains
Very Rare
1-7 (1)
The gryphon is a large beast with the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle and back covered with feathers. A gryphon's claws are so large that they can be made into serviceable drinking horns. A gryphon is about 5 feet long and stands man-high when full-grown. Gryphon eggs (2-5 possible per nest) are solid agate and quite valuable (4000 - 6000 Silver Pennies apiece).
Gryphons prefer solitude and will fly away when approached if possible, but will always chase and attack horses (whose flesh they prize). They are extremely valuable for use as mounts and cost accordingly (16,000-20,000 Silver Pennies). They nest in cliff-sides and prefer to build their nests of spun-gold (value 8,000-10,000 Silver Pennies).
Gryphons have no special skills or magical abilities, but their special talent is locating buried treasure and their nest will quite often be built near such treasure, which they will actively guard. A "domesticated'" gryphon has a Base Chance of 60% of locating any buried treasure within a radius of 250 feet of it. Gryphons make valuable steeds, once tamed. They are not magic or tool users.
Movement Rates 
Running: 200; Flying: 500
PS: 30-36 MD: 15-20 AG: 15-20 MA: 6-9 EN: 25-30 FT: 30-35
WP: 12-16 PC: 16-22 PB: 0-5 TMR: 4/10 NA: Hide absorbs 6 DP
Gryphons may use their beak and both claws without penalty.
Beak: BC 65%, [D + 5], Melee & Close, Rank 1-3.
Claws: BC 60%, [D + 5], Melee & Close, Rank 1-4.