Green Dragon

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Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Caverns)
Very rare
Green dragons have outer scales the colour of dark pine needles.
Green dragons are quite evil, although they are curious and will question captives thoroughly before disposing of them. After a green dragon dies, for the next hour or so a sip of its blood will allow permanent comprehension and ability to speak with any normal animal or avian without damage to the drinker.
General abilities for all dragons, as noted above. Green dragons can also use all magic of the College of the Mind or the College of Illusions at Rank 12.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 700; Running: 250
PS: 300-350 MD: 19-21 AG: 17-19 MA: 22-25 EN: 85-95 FT: 120-150
WP: 27-33 PC: 27-30 PB:


TMR: 14/5 NA: Top scales absorb 12 DP
At Range, a green dragon may use its transfixing gaze or fear, in addition to its dragons-fire or windstorm. They may breathe a cone of fire 60 feet long by 30 feet wide as a Fire action [D] times per day. In Melee, a green dragon can attack with two claws, a bite and a tail swipe without penalty. In Close, a dragon may roll on all opponents in its hexes.
Breath: BC auto, [D + 12], Ranged, Melee & Close.
Bite: BC 60%, [D + 12], Melee & Close, Rank ?.
Claw: BC 50%, [D + 6], Melee & Close, Rank ?.
Tail: BC 70%, [D + 4], Melee Rear, Rank ?. Trip.
Roll: BC 80%, [D + 17], Close, Rank ?.