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Natural Habitat 
Highlands, Woods
1-40 (20)
Male gorillas may reach 650 pounds and 6+ feet in height. They usually have arm spans when full grown of over 10 feet. Females usually weigh 200 pounds. Gorillas tend to have black fur, but older males will often have grey or silver fur. Occasionally they are entirely white. Both males and females have prominent canines and are vicious fighters. Due to their great weight, gorillas cannot brachiate in the manner of other apes.
Gorillas will usually flee humanoids, but will occasionally attack if led by a large, powerful male.
Gorillas have no special talents or skills. They are not tool or magic users.
Movement Rates 
Running: 350
PS: 30-40 MD: 20-23 AG: 14-17 MA: None EN: 28-33 FT: 33-38
WP: 6-8 PC: 12-18 PB: 3-7 TMR: 7 NA: Fur absorbs 3 DP
Gorillas may only attack via Close Combat. However, they may enter Close Combat with an entity whose combined modified Agility and Physical Strength is half or less their own by grabbing the victim and pulling them into their hex. This manoeuvre is a Charge and Close Action (except that the victim is pulled out of their hex into the gorilla's hex). Gorillas may bite or rend, but not in the same pulse.
Bite: BC 30%, [D – 2], Close, Rank 0.
Rend: BC 50%, [D + 6] , Close, Rank 0.