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Natural Habitat 
4-1000 (20)
Goblins are humanoid in form, but have large fangs, pointed ears, and skin ranging from brown to pallid grey. They are usually very ugly, have foul breath, and an unpleasant odour. They wear garments made out of dirty cloth, and usually wear leather armour, carrying shields. More powerful goblins will sometimes carry better armour. They are about 4 feet tall.
Goblins are highly evil, and will often waylay a party, killing and looting. They love to cause discord, and will be deceitful where violence will not work. Their lair (and treasure) will be well guarded. Goblins dislike sunlight, and fight at a reduction in the Base Chance of 10 when under a bright sun. They hate dwarves and gnomes, and will attack them whenever possible. Goblins will usually be in league with dire wolves if there are any in the neighbourhood.
Goblins are good at working with stone if forced into it, and so they are good at detecting facts having to do with stone (40% chance of detecting anything unusual or dangerous). They can see in the dark. They are excellent at torture, which they delight in. A goblin will in rare instances be an Adept of one of the Entity colleges.
Movement Rates 
Running: 150
PS: 9-13 MD: 8-12 AG: 7-12 MA: 10-18 EN: 6-8 FT: 10-13
WP: 8-11 PC: 7-12 PB: 8-10 TMR: 3 NA: Skin absorbs 1 DP
Goblins will use any sort of weapon that their strength allows, although they generally prefer simple swords, clubs, crossbows and slings. They may have Rank 1-3 with these weapons.