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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Highlands, Rural
1-200 (50)
Gnomes are short, stocky humanoids, much like dwarves, but even shorter (3 feet). Typically they will be dressed in chain mail or leather armour, with a heavy skullcap, although powerful gnomes occasionally wear heavier armour as they 'make light of a burden'. Gnomes are usually brownish in colour with hair between grey and white.
Gnomes have a strong dislike for goblins, and will always attempt to attack them. Gnomes are organised into bands, each of which is competitive with the others, although not actually hostile. They are usually friendly to man, and they are very friendly with the dwarves, their cousins, although they have a mild dislike of elves. Large bands of gnomes will often (80%) have a fair amount of treasure. Gnomes found in their lair will have more treasure, as gnomes are fond of hoarding.
Gnomes are excellent stoneworkers, and as such they can detect many things that have to do with the construction of a building or the quality of a builder's job.
Movement Rates 
Running: 150
PS: 10-14 MD: 10-13 AG: 14-16 MA: 13-17 EN: 8-10 FT: 16-20
WP: 19-22 PC: 14-18 PB: 3 TMR: 10-13 NA: None
Gnomes will use daggers, short swords, clubs, and any other weapons that they can carry easily.