Giant Tortoise

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Natural Habitat 
Coastal, Wetlands
1-30 (6)
Giant tortoises have the form of an ordinary turtle, with a thick green shell and claws instead of webbed digits. They are about 5 feet long, and weigh about 700 pounds.
Despite their name, tortoises spend much of their time in the water, where they will frequently be found. A tortoise is capable of carrying a large burden (up to 200 lb.) if one is willing to keep a pace that the tortoise can follow.
Giant tortoises can withdraw their head, tail, and limbs inside their shell in times of danger. They have no magical or other special abilities. If the tortoise is not withdrawn into its shell, there is an 80% chance that any blow will strike the shell anyway. If the tortoise is inside its shell, the shell will soften all strikes.
Movement Rates 
Running or Swimming: 100
PS: 20-25 MD: None AG: 5-7 MA: None EN: 15-17 FT: 22-24
WP: 10-11 PC: 13-15 PB: 7-9 TMR: 2 NA: Shell absorbs 8 DP
Tortoises may bite.
Bite: BC 25%, [D – 2], Close, Rank 0.