Giant Squid

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Natural Habitat 
1-10 (1)
These creatures are bullet-shaped, with 10 tentacles streaming from the base of the bullet. They grow to 50 feet in length, and their colour changes according to the waters that they inhabit. The squid also has a beak and large, round eyes. Squids are 14-hex monsters.
Large squid generally prefer very deep water, and will rarely be found at the shallower depths. Squid are carnivorous, and will eat almost any meat (including man) that they can find.
The squid has no magic or special skills or talents.
Movement Rates 
Swimming: 600
PS: 60-70 MD: 25-30 AG: 10-13 MA: None EN: 50-60 FT: 65-70
WP: 10-12 PC: 10-12 PB: 6-8 TMR: 12 NA: Hide absorbs 5 DP
A Squid may attack with five tentacles. Each tentacle may crush or draw the victim towards the beak for a bite. Only one bite is possible.
Crush: BC 50%, [D – 1], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Bite: BC 25%, [D + 12], Close, Rank 0.