Frost Giant

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Natural Habitat 
1-25 (6)
Frost giants are large humanoids between 15 and 20 feet in height. Frost giants are 3-hex figures.
Frost giants are linked with the element of ice, and gain +5% when casting ice magics. This affinity leads most frost giant adepts to be ice mages. They may never learn fire magics. Their magic resistance is increased by 10% except against fire magics, against which their magic resistance is reduced by 20%.
Movement Rates 
Running: 600-700
PS: 24-42 MD: 4-22 AG: 3-21 MA: 4-22 EN: 25-43 FT: 18-24
WP: 4-22 PC: 5-23 PB: 5-23 TMR: 12-14 NA: None
Frost giants generally use swords and axes, and will frequently achieve rank 4 or higher with these weapons. They may use human-type weapons of twice normal size (improve Base Chance by 10%, double strength requirement, roll 2D10 for damage). Frost giants will wear any type of armour, with metallic armour being common.
Giant Axe: BC 65%, [D + 10], Melee, Rank 4+.
Large Claymore: BC 60%, [2D + 4], Melee, Rank 4+.