Fractal Wyrm

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Natural Habitat 
The Abyss, The Void
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Fractal wyrms are large, iguana-like creatures about 25 ft long. They are 5 hex creatures. Instead of hard, pebbled skin, however, they have tiny, feathery scales of black and white.
Fractal wyrms have a number of special abilities.

Damage Reduction: Fractal wyrms reduce the damage from anyone in their front hexes to a third. Armour reduces damage further.
Climbing:They can cling to any vertical surface that will bear their weight.
Tremorsense:They can 'see' entities in pitch darkness if they are in contact with the ground.
Stealth: While moving, they are simply too large to be very stealthy (85% Stealth). However, they can remain very still for long periods of time, doubling their chance of remaining undetected.
Behaviour:They are sentient, intelligent but no one has ever identified a language. They are ambush predators and are known to collect treasure hoards.

Movement Rates 
Crawling: 250
PS: 155-175 MD: 18-21 AG: 20-26 MA: 15-30 EN: 50-65 FT: 60-85
WP: 20-33 PC: 15-30 PB: 3-8 TMR: 12 NA: Scales absorbs 10 DP
Every ten pulses, fractal wyrms can breathe wickedly sharp particles ththat inflict 3D10 damage to everything in the area. Armour reduces this damage. The area of effect of the breath weapon is 75 feet long, spreading up to 30 feet wide.

Where possible, they will maintain an height advantage, swinging their tail to hit their victims while staying out of range themselves. Any hit by the tail has a 60% chance of knocking a humanoid prone.

Breath: -, [3D10], Ranged, Melee, Close, -.
Bite: BC 45%, [D + 12],Melee, Close, Rank 0-4.
Claw: BC 40%, [D + 10], Melee,Close, Rank 0-5.
Tail: BC 30%, [D + 6], Melee, Close, Rank 0-3.
Roll: BC 25%, [D + 9], Close, Rank -.