Fire Elemental

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Natural Habitat 
Other Planes
Very Rare
Fire elementals appear as leaping flames of a height in feet equal to their endurance. The flames are humanoid in form.
All fire elementals have a Rank, usually that of their summoners rank in the summoning ritual.
Any flammable substances (exclusive of human-size or larger beings) that a Fire Elemental touches bursts into flames, while non-flammable substances will experience a rise in temperature equal to the Elemental's Endurance for every 10 seconds the Elemental is in contact with the substance.
Elementals can instantly extinguish any normal fire within 100 feet.
They can cause Smoke Creation at their Rank + 10, and Wall of Fire at their Rank + 5, as talents. Only one wall of each type can be maintained at any one time, however.
Movement Rates 
Running: 400 + 10 x Summoner's Rank
PS: 20 (+5/Rk) MD: 20-25 AG: 25-30 MA: None EN: 5-50 FT: 10-85
WP: 14-18 PC: 14-17 PB: 5-7 TMR: 8 + (Adept's Rank/5) NA: 3 DP
Fire elementals can attempt to immolate a target. They inflict double damage in Close.
Immolate: BC 70%, [D + 2 (+ 1 / Rank)], Melee & Close.