Exiting for the Emperor

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Scribe Notes


Sir Ty Trident; a human Air mage - scribe, mil sci, leader
Baron Turf; an elfish Namer
Tulip; an elvish Earth mage

Derivant; party employer (an ex emperor!)


An old inscrutible sun elf called Derivant wants a party to resolve a rebel army in an elf city.


Meet up at the guild, then to the Lion and Crown tavern to talk and have dinner. Derivant wants us to arrange rebel army to leave city a city they captured, and then got besieged by the elves again. The rebels are rumoured to have been manipulated by the regent to gain political prestige, so she could then ride in and save the city. One of the leaders of the rebel army knows of Derivant, Zelvich Karasova Lethilil a half elf, and could be talked to. We might have some influence with the besieging army.

Derivant makes a portal of wibbly colourful light to take us to Kanlaoise, we appear by a river at morning time. Go flying unseen to have a scout over the city; the SE sector is badly damaged from the earlier fighting and less besiegers, the NE sector is mostly untouched, the western half is where most rebels are, with the besiegers outside them. Land back at the SE and camp up till night.

Sneak (ha ha) into the city and talk to Captain Barrent, he says Derivant is the (ex)Emperor who's been missing for ten years. Chat about a few options for getting people out, and a breakout seems best, with setting up a portal a less favourable backup. He takes us accross the river to the west side, and to see the temple where The Church of Shahdad is. A priest comes to talk to us, but I hear Shahdad herself(?) talking, who says she'll get the high priestess to talk to us. HP offers a portal to help the rebels escape, but it again needs to be outside the walls, and there would be a price of "1 in 5" who would not make it thru. Head out and talk to Bulich of Highvale who says going for a breakout east across the river is is plan.


Talk to the head goblin engineer and come up with a plan for doing this - it involves boxes being lowered into the river and pumping air into it and well, goblin engineering... then cast some pillars from under the river, and then put walls down for "planks". Do a practice effort and Turf doesnt die - yay!

That night we start the breakout; we power up an ogre hit squad, then send Tulip down to start building bridges. She puts up two columns and then builds across them for two bridges, and people start moving off to attack the SE wall. We advance up, and try to impede the besiegers, when a flying fast-response squad of eight elves lands for a big fight. Big smashings everywhere; Turf valiently jumps in the middle of them all, Tulip lobs in hands and magma, but three get away.

Another group of winged elves fly in so we make a tactical withdrawal, and push on to help with the advance. After a bit a big group of rebels comes up with some pursuers following slowly, their goblin smokes bombs keep some distance between them.

5/11/08 (midnight)

The big group of rebels calls a halt, and we meet up with Bulich. He says their splitting up and heading off to regroup/retreat. We heal up our numerous spec grevs, fire off a whispering wind and go find Derivant. He's with Karasova, we fill him in and think about 7000 (out of 8500) got away so far. A brief discussion on Imperial politics, in which he seems to think the regent's return to the old ways isnt the best.

We ask about the rest of the ring-world, and he says there are other "worlds" but they're many thousands of miles away. There seems to be a set of rules for the ring-world; the hint that you should stay in your own isolated world, and once someone got clobbered for attempting otherwise. The Klanesh gods are (im)mortals that have ascended, rather than the different ring-world powers, and granted(?) their influence by these powers. He hints that when he went off he was investigating life-romancy, which the church dosent like, and intends to pursue questions of things he's learnt while away. He knows of three woks, two he has no idea where they are, the one which was in his burial chamber he knows of. It improved magical casting, and considers it minor alone. Together he thinks they enhance each other, so maybe best kept apart for now.

We take off and go do some sightseeing / visit Bacarat etc.


  • 10 x Waters of healing (Rank 20, 200 sp each)
  • 5 x Rings of windwalking (Rank 5, 100% cast chance, 4 charges, 3500sp each)
  • 5 x Rk 10 sabres (heavy single edged weapon with min PS 18, MD 18, base to hit 60, +7 DM, 1 or 2 handed, usable by any "singled edged" * skill, enchanted to hold a weapon spell for [Weapon Spell] Rank hours before it activates) - 6000sp each
  • 5x amulets of keeping (can put 4 gems into them; amathyst, carbuncle, luck, hypericum) - 4600sp each
  • 72500 total - 10% tax = 65250 = 21750 sp each