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Natural Habitat 
Forest, Woods, Jungle
1-3 (1)
Ents are large, vaguely humanoid beings who share some of the appearance of great trees. They have bark-like skin, are long-limbed and appear to be made out of wood. An ent may stand 15 feet or higher. Ents are 3-hex creatures.
Ents are wary of fire and those who use axes and may react poorly to people that use them.
Ents may possess Herbalism, Ranger and sometimes, other Skills. Rarely, they may be Adepts. If so, they will tend to belong to these Colleges: Earth, Conjuror of the Night and Stars, and Wiccan. They may use simple weapons, but rarely bother to achieve significant Rank.
Ents possess the ability to shatter stone by laying their hands upon it. This requires a Pass Action. It is possible for an Ent to tear holes in a stone structure of about 8 cubic ft if they are working 2-handed at it.
Ents engage in Philosophy at any time, preferring to discuss almost anything at anytime and taking weeks in the process.
Movement Rates 
Running: 400
PS: 100-140 MD: 10-14 AG: 12-16 MA: 8-18 EN: 40-55 FT: 50-60
WP: 18-25 PC: 20-25 PB: 8-12 TMR: 8 NA: Bark absorbs 8 DP
An ent may attack with both hands (and a stomp against anything 2 hexes tall and smaller) without penalty. They may use weapons, but usually only to avoid bending down, therefore preferring swinging weapons.
Club: BC 50%, [D + 8], Melee, Rank 1-3.
Hands: BC 55%, [D + 10], Melee, Rank 0 - 6.
Stomp: BC 45%, [D + 14], Melee, Close, Rank 0 - 4.