Enhanced Diamond Weapon

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Diamond Weapon (S-5)
Range: 5 feet + 5 / Rank
Duration: 5 minutes + 1 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 250
Base Chance: 30%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment
Target: Object
Effects: This spell is cast over a weapon of the Adept’s choice, increasing its strike chance by 1 + (Rank)% and granting 1+(1 per 3 full ranks) in Armour Mitigation.
Armour Mitigation reduces the effective armour value of an opponent vs an armour mitigating blow (whether fatigue or endurance armour) by the amount of armour mitigation to a minimum of 0 armour value.
(note this does not damage or change the armour value for subsequent blows by non-armour mitigating blows.)

(GM TLDR: reduces armour value by x (to minium 0), damage applies to new armour value for that blow)