Engalton has a number of abilities

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Redwood Family arms
Engalton OM
  • Engalton was married to Liessa for some years. Engalton has been enjoying adventuring with Erzsabet a skilled and remarkable Namer in her own right.
  • Engalton is always recognised by all that see him as “Engalton a hero and adventurer from Seagate’. He also always smells of lavender and is always magically clean.
  • Engalton is a Grey Wizard. This means that he is stronger in the general magics of the branch of Thaumaturgies than most other Namers, and can cast most spells from the general body of knowledge in the branch with some skill. Some of the spells are: Namer Locate, Namer Empathy, Namer Mind Cloak, etc.
  • He has a deep understanding of Names, allowing him the flexibility to lower an opponent’s resistance to magic or increase his abilities to focus spells.
  • Part of the understanding of Names allows him to view the ITN of individuals sometimes.
  • Engalton will not die of old age, and is long lived.
Engalton OM
  • Engalton can focus two differing sets of counter spells on a person at the same time.
  • Engalton has the ability to not be affected by magic from Saydar
  • Engalton is able to swap Specific Grievous blows with people in combat as a pass action.
  • A drop of Engalton's blood will lower the effect of curses, and can also remove blights from large areas of affected land.
  • Engalton has Arcane Power points, allowing him to bend space and time.
  • Engalton is able to reflect spells cast at him away harmlessly.
  • When dead, he does not decay or his body age and is able to be resurrected many days or weeks after death, while continuing to smell of lavender.
  • Engalton is only very rarely afraid and does not stun when in combat.
  • Engalton is able to tell the well being of Axis Dragon mage at all times and know when he is in trouble and the direction that will lead him to Axis.
  • Engalton has surpassed even the exceptional healers and has effectively reached rank 12 in healing skill. He has mastered the power of Life and Death.
  • Engalton has the aspect of death looking over him.
  • Engalton is able to use both hands equally well.
  • Engalton has most counterspells above rank 10+ and commonly used and needed ones at rank 12+
  • Engalton has 4 forms of the banishment spell.
  • Engalton can remove magics in effect on people or objects with a counterspell.
  • Engalton has lowered his rank in Geas to 20.