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Natural Habitat 
Other Planes
Very Rare
Efreet are creatures of flame that have been trapped on this plane. They are humanoid in form, about 12 feet tall, and their dark-brown skin flickers as if it were about to burst into flame at any moment.
If discovered on this plane, an efreeti will either be in the service of some character, or trapped in a sealed container, such as a bottle. If the latter is the case and the finder of the efreeti releases it from its captivity, there is a 95% chance that the efreeti will serve them willingly. The other 5% of the time the efreeti will attack. If the efreeti decides to serve, it will either grant three wishes, or become the character's slave for a period of 1001 days (at the liberator's option). If three wishes are chosen, they must be used by the end of the day on which the efreeti was released. If service is chosen, the efreeti will perform any task asked of it that is not obviously suicidal. If a request involves physical danger to the efreeti is made of the efreeti, there is a 10% chance (+10 for each additional request) that the efreeti will rebel against its master and attack them.
Efreet are creatures of fire, and thus they will not go to or be found in frigid climates or underwater.
An efreeti has all the talents and abilities of a fire elemental summoned at Rank 12.
An efreeti can grant three wishes under certain conditions (see below).
Efreet can also become invisible at will.
Efreet cannot be harmed by non-magical attacks.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 750; Running: 350
PS: 40-45 MD: 17-20 AG: 15-18 MA: 12-18 EN: 28-32 FT: 45-50
WP: 23-29 PC: 16-21 PB: 8-10 TMR: 15/7 NA: Skin absorbs 6 DP
Efreet use edged weapons of ordinary shape but twice the normal size and weight. Improve the weapon's Base Chance by 10, and double any damage done. An efreeti will have Rank 4 or higher with whatever weapon it uses. An efreeti can immolate an opponent.
Large Great Axe: BC 75%, [2D + 12], Melee, Rank 4+.
Immolate: BC 65%, [D + 10], Close, Rank 0.