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Natural Habitat 
Other Planes
Very Rare
A djinni is a male humanoid about ten feet tall, with darkly tanned skin and a black beard.
If a djinni is discovered on this plane it will either be in the service of some character or else be trapped in some sealed container. If the container is opened, the djinni will service whoever released it as a slave, provided that it is not asked to do anything suicidal. Having a djinni in a party can occasionally cause problems because other creatures, such as efreet (who are deadly enemies of the djinn) will be attracted to the party.
A djinni has all the abilities of an air elemental summoned by a magician with Rank 8 in the Ritual of Summoning Air Elementals. In addition, djinn can create matter weighing up to 200 pounds. This ability can be used once per day. The material created will have varying permanence, depending upon its solidity. Wood, cloth and other light materials will last for as long as a week, while steel, gold, or other hard substances will last only for hours.
Djinn can only be harmed by magical weapons.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 700; Running: 350
PS: 35-40 MD: 20-24 AG: 17-21 MA: 12-18 EN: 20-25 FT: 30-38
WP: 20-25 PC: 16-21 PB: 11-14 TMR: 14/7 NA: Skin absorbs 6 DP
Djinn prefer large, curved weapons, with a double-sized scimitar being the weapon most commonly used. Add 10 to the Base Chance of any weapon a Jinni uses, and double damage done because of its size.
Large Scimitar: BC 60%, [2D + 6], Melee, Rank 4+.