Dire Wolf

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Natural Habitat 
Highlands, Rural, Woods
1-10 (3)
Dire wolves are wolves the size of ponies. Dire wolves will be in league with the Powers of Darkness and will have almost human intelligence. Their corpses disappear back into hell (from which they are said to have sprung originally) if they are killed.
Dire wolves have no special abilities but they are exceptional trackers. They also never forget a smell. They may possess knowledge of a limited number of spells of the College of Ensorcelments and Enchantments or the College of the Sorceries of the Mind.
Rates Running: 400
PS: 22-25 MD: 24-26 AG: 18-22 MA: 8-12 EN: 20-23 FT: 25-30
WP: 8-12 PC: 19-23 PB: 4-8 TMR: 8 NA: Fur absorbs 5 DP
Dire wolves may bite.

Bite: BC 60%, [D + 6], Melee & Close, Rank 0.