Dark Skies

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The Dark Skies is normally “kept” under lock and key in the “Northern Armoury” or “Tee Ra-Mil” or “Eastern Armoury” which all refer to an ancient or old Elvish Armoury. This Armoury which seems the Drow and the Elves of Alfheim, both have access too. It is a mystical location that changes and could be better described as a living mystical puzzle.

The Dark Skies is an Avatar-like creature of change, contradictions and opposites. It seems that each generation the Dark Skies takes on a new form (or could be an old form that has changed) and takes on the dominant Drow female gender. The Dark Skies entity does have a sense of history.

She is normally attractive, well spoken and charming. She is dressed in an ancient set of diamond armour.

It appears that actions against the Dark Skies can be complex in that, an opposite effect can often happen or occur. This has led to a general use for the Dark Skies to undertake things or actions that can not normally be done. It seems that the Dark Skies maintains some sort of internal balance but this is mostly not understood.

It is simply unclear how you would control the Dark Skies. Historically the Dark Skies has her own agenda.

GM: Jono Bean
Aura: Avatar (material form of a Demon, etc.)
Plane of Origin: The Drowning Deep
Game: Spy Game - 817 WK & 818 WK